BT&T and DSI Christmas Party

>> Saturday, December 27, 2008

Recap on our Christmas Party last December 23

I was already on-leave that day to pack our 3-day things for the camp meeting but I've attended the party 'coz they might ask why I didn't come. As I'm the Admin/HR officer I must see to it that everyone will be seated and served properly in the party. Because some of our employees were designated in other branches they were not well acquainted with other employees, they just know few staff including me. I'm super duper pressured as we will be going to Indang Cavite few hours after the party.

Anyway as my sis always tells me I'm a super woman I turned on my costume and did the job as fast as I could lol!, not a single second wasted! Before I left the house at 6pm everything was ready, all five travelling bags, first aid kits, utensils, food and emergency kit for the whole family and car. Hubby will arrive at 1am because their store will close at 12midnight so I see to it that he'll just rest when he comes home because he'll drive for long hours.

First time we held our party at Gerry's Grill which is just a few meters away from our office, very convenient for all of us and for me also as I'm coming from our house. As always there are lots of games and raffles but everything was well taken care of by the party coordinator. She just assigned me the job of picking up game participants so I exempt myself lol! It was a party for two sister companies DSI and BT&T.

I was a bit dizzy then from doing so much work since early morning so I just visited my old friends' tables from DSI company where I've been employed for 10 years before I transferred to BT&T. I had a lot of close friends there and only a few were left. I missed them so much and because I'm counting this party as my last I went to their tables as soon as the games ended.

It was a lucky day for those who won cash prizes ranging from 1,000 to 10,000 and as always again I wasn't lucky enough but I'm used to it, anyway all were given an attendance prize so actually no one will be going home empty-handed. As for me my mind was set on our travel to Indang so when Cecile offered a ride home Flor and I immediately went with her.


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