Three Unusual Places to Buy a Boat

>> Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Buying a boat is a truly exciting experience. You are finding a new vessel that will be used for years, decades and even generations to come. It will allow you to experience the world in an entirely new way. However, if you are like many potential boat owners, you may have noticed there are very few options available to purchase a boat. Fortunately, there are other options, even though some of them may be a bit unusual.

Unusual Places to Buy a Boat

                    1.    Private Listings – While boat seekers have used private listings for decades, there are several new types of private listings to explore. There are online auction sites, online classified listings and newspaper ads. Each type of private listing will attract a different type of boat seller. To really expand your options, explore each type of listing that’s available. As you go through the listings, evaluate each one based on the same pre-determined criteria. Do not hesitate to contact the owner if you have any questions or would like additional pictures.

                 2.  Charity Sales – There are some organizations that offer charity boats for sale Essentially, these organizations sell donated boats in order to fund various charities. When someone donates a boat to them, they will assess its current state. If it does not require any major repairs and is sea-worthy, they will list it for sale. Once it has sold, all proceeds will go to a charitable cause, which may range from feeding starving children to helping the homeless. Instead of simply purchasing a new boat, you can make your purchase help those in need.
                    3.  Repo Auctions – Sometimes people buy boats on loans, and then become unable to fulfill their financial obligations. Boats then become repossessed by the lender. The lender is not in the business of selling boats, so they hold auctions to liquidate them and reclaim some of their lost assets. This process if quite popular in the automobile world, however it is also prevalent in boating. Visit these auctions to receive an ideal price on your next boat.
You Can Find Your New Boat 

Between the above three options, you will be able to easily find a new boat that will be perfect for you. Between boat donations, private listings and repossessed items, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from. As you begin to seek your new boat, keep in mind the overall condition of the craft, any immediate repairs it will require and if there are currently any warranties.


Giving Back to the Community

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When you have money to spare, it is important to give back to the communities in which you live. Through his company and on his own, Peter Briger has done this in a variety of ways. Charities, endowment programs, and more have been a focus of Mr. Briger through his career. 


Along with other members of his family, Mr. Peter Briger has given back to Union College in the form of two endowments. There is the Briger Family Endowment for Faculty Development – History Department, and the Briger Family Endowment for Faculty Development – Political Science Department. These endowments help ensure that these departments have the best faculty. This in turn helps the school as a whole keep a good reputation as a great learning environment.

Many endowments have requirements as to how the money is spent. This usually includes ensuring there are good teachers and the technology and equipment needed to properly teach the subject. These endowments also require save investments that are likely to have a good return, to further help the schools. 


Fortress, the company of which Mr. Peter Lionel Briger is Principal and co-chair of the Board of Directors, has implemented charity programs that employees can participate in. Since 2004, the company has hosted a gift matching program each year. Through this program, Fortress and its employees have helped over 500 causes and charity organizations. With over $3.3 million donated so far, the company has plans to expand and improve its charitable donations.

Included in the companies that Fortress has helped are: Food Bank for New York City, Doctors Without Borders, Sanctuary for Families, and Toys for Tots. These groups all help families and individuals in need through the country and the world.

Political Donations 

Along with his charitable donations, Peter Briger has also donated to political campaigns. A monetary donation of $2000 was given by Mr. Briger to the John Kerry fund. Additionally, he co-hosted a party that generated over a million dollars for Senator John Edwards. Through the years, Mr. Briger has made political donations where he sees it will be helpful to the community. 

There are many ways that people in power and those with money can help others. Whether giving back with time or money, it is important that everyone gives what they can when they have a little extra. Mr. Peter Briger has done this both himself and through the companies he has worked with, for many years.


Quality Rig Mats for Construction and Drilling Works

In every work people are thinking of ways and things that could make the job easier. They would devise tools that would help in facilitating the work and to help in minimizing efforts. Just like when you’re using high tech gadgets and computers wherein tasks are made lighter with the use of software that are designed to improve the processing of documents. 

When you’re in construction business like my brother you’ll think of ideas on how to systematically finish the project in scheduled time because delay means less profit. When I personally visited one of his projects I noticed that they’re using various rig mats as their support equipment when there’s a need. I also worked in a consultancy firm for roads, bridges and flyover projects and I learned that contractors should know every little idea on maximizing time to derive more profit. 

Actually the need for mats don’t end there as it can be used also in several jobs such as drilling rigs, helipad, camps and other field of work. I remember seeing few of these when some people used the rig mats to provide assistance or passage over unstable ground. This applies also on pipelines and some other projects that would also require temporary passage when roads or grounds are not stable enough. 

Because of multi usage that one can derive from having rig mats it’s not only beneficial but functional as well as it can be used for various purposes. Since it’s portable it can be mobile too or can be used in other places where desired usage must be met. 

Now users should be able to choose finest quality rig mats in order to satisfy the specific requirements of construction, drilling and others works that demand tough materials and equipment. There are plenty of companies that offered various kinds high quality rig mats and users should know how to pick the best.


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