Have You Considered Getting an Aviation Job?

>> Tuesday, September 22, 2015

There are many good-paying, exciting jobs in the aviation field. Some of them involve actually flying in an airplane of course, but there also are many jobs that are done only on the ground. For example:

• Engineer. Work with an aircraft company to develop new models of airplanes. You will ensure that all requirements are met concerning performance, safety and other factors.

• GSE mechanic. You will perform routine maintenance on various ground equipment at airports that supports airlines. You might repair and overhaul ground support equipment as well as do routine maintenance. These aviation jobs are in particular demand.

• Station manager. This professional is responsible for all ground and flight operations. These duties include air cargo operations, passenger services and aircraft logistical support. You will be responsible for keeping everything at the station in full compliance with local, state and federal regulations.

• Cabin serviceperson. Airlines often outsource cabin cleaning duties to save money. Typical duties include vacuuming all surfaces, picking up garbage, washing bathrooms, cleaning windows and refilling water supply.

The aviation industry continues to expand, as more and more people want to fly for both business and pleasure. This industry will offer exciting careers that pay well for years to come.


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