Some Things that Keeps Me Away from Work

>> Saturday, July 26, 2014

My work fills most of my time away from my home and family so when I want to do something other than my office routines I do it on break time. If all of my office mates were either doing online browsing or resting I spend my time doing my online writing. Sometimes I feel like I’m a robot or something for spending all of my time on work but it’s the real me – a certified workaholic. Well few times I give myself a break and wind away from computer and bond with office friends but most of the times I fill my spare time with worthwhile browsing. 

Anyway if there are things that keep me away from work it’s browsing favorite sites for good reads and online window shopping for shoes, bags, gadgets and musical items for the family. Lately my dear daughter has been coaching me to look at gutar center for her favorite musical instrument and accessories. Her own guitar is not in good condition and she’s just using a borrowed one in practicing her musical pieces. Next month she’ll be performing as musician in their mini play presentation and as early as now she’s using all her spare time to master her craft. I’m saving some money now to buy her a better and high quality guitar to replace her old one.


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