Cooking With My Bro’s Kids

>> Monday, February 9, 2009

Got a call from big brother and he asked me to cook something for his younger daughter Mitch. She’s having a birthday celebration tomorrow Feb. 10. Mitch is his third kid and the youngest girl in the family, the same age as my Gengen. They wanted me to cook macaroons for Mitch’ friends and we decided to use oven toaster instead of my gas range because I’m going to cook in their house.

I have plenty of stock supplies of dessicated coconut and paper cups which my officemate bought for me in a baking supplies store in Blumentritt. It costs me little because I bought my supplies at wholesale costs so I want to use it for my family’s birthdays. They just bought some other ingredients and we started mixing at 9pm. Oh well I’ve mixed a lot that’s good for 300 plus goodies so I left them baking the remaining mixture, hope they will take care not to burn it lol! My nieces and nephews really love the food that I always cook especially leche flan and macaroons and I enjoy it!


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