Traveled to Cousin’s Wake

>> Saturday, September 27, 2008

I’ve rounded up my weekend chores to my best possible fast pace because we’re scheduled for Laguna today. My first cousin Ka Viring died last Thursday, me and my siblings decided to go there today because it’s the only possible time schedule for my brother since he had some bible study schedules and construction payroll.

Mom can’t make it because of her arthritis so it’s just the three of us, Big Brother, Me and Redge. We didn’t bring the kids as evening trip is not favorable and conducive to children. It was a foggy trip ahead of us and it’s my first time to encounter heavy fog on our trip giving us no view of the road ahead of us. With God’s guiding hand we safely reached Famy, Laguna and finally visited the wake of our cousin. Uncle Ipeng, the only sibling of my Mom and our relatives there were just as happy to see us all. Uncle Iping and his children are very dear to us as they’re the ones who helped my Mom in caring and raising us. Mom always has an assistant you know!

We stayed for another hour or so in Kang Duneng’s house where Orly said goodbye as he’s again bound for Qatar on Oct. 8 to work as Technician, he’s only on vacation this month. After eating what Kang Duneng has cooked we again traveled back to Cainta encountering roads dangerous twists and heavy mountain fogs. We thanked God that we arrived home safe and sound with His help.


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