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>> Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I love playing bowling back when I was still single and have plenty of friends who have the same passion for sports just like me. It was in my first job in that I learned to play bowling but I never took it seriously then I just love the feel of duck pins in my hands when I strike the lane. After 5 years I joined our office friendly game competition and got serious in learning the sports. We were around eighty employees then who participated. My boss was so generous in giving us food allowances and some incentives on our every playing game.

I never imagined myself getting one of the most coveted ‘striker of the day’ awards because I’m not a professional bowler. Things got better and I slowly learned techniques from my expert teammates and was amazed that at the end of the preliminary selection I was chosen as one of the team in the best of the best games which closed the first team ups and started another two teams for championship. We won and I was surprised when they handed me cash prize. Wow! That’s a very precious memory to me that even if now I was so busy I promised myself to go back playing bowling when I have free time.

Actually when I started playing bowling I was actually interested in billiards but I never got the chance to play it as I was intimidated by those professional players. It was a bit awkward for me as my friends were mostly male so I just stick to bowling. Anyway I still had a chance to watch my friends’ game as the place we frequent back then has the bowling and billiards side by side. After my bowling game we would transfer to their place and watch them. I observed then that playing billiards was as exciting as bowling.

There are challenges in every setup of the game and like bowling it also give you a feeling of enjoyment especially if you’re using a good quality Pool Cue. Players are like that they have a different feeling on the tools that they’re using. They’re most comfortable with their own; some even carry their own pool cue to get the feel of the game. Anyway if you’re interested in playing billiards you can get the best pool cue and accessories online at PoolDawg that is if you want quality!


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