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>> Tuesday, September 15, 2009

For the last six years of my employment my job in telecommunications company has exposed me a lot to the benefits of the online world. My work as an international carrier settlement officer has required me to be online all the time because almost all transactions are done on the net. These include emails, billing, collection, disputes and marketing. Our company deals with international providers and clients and I enjoy doing all of the mentioned jobs online which also taught me how to maximize my time on the net. I learned a lot from that job because it necessitates me to have continuous learning and searching or else I might not come up with my employer’s expectations.

Offering telecommunication services is not an easy business as you have a lot of competitors and the rates are changing almost twice a week. You need a lot of marketing strategies and finances to keep up with others. I know some of our partners in business use email marketing software to improve and help their business boost their promotions. Active campaign has an answer for this too as they offer web based software solutions such as 1-2-All which allows the company to send permission based mailing to lists of subscribers. I know our company may have benefit from this one because it has various features to optimize email campaigns which can be very useful in offering direct inward dialing.


10 Things You Think are Cool

These are the things that are on my cool meter right now…

  1. Of course the first on my list is own website or blog site- I have 5
  2. Next is also about web site it's about having your own domain name and not a free hosted blog, I think it's cool that's why I go my own last year, now I have 3 domain sites
  3. My kids think having Facebook is cool and I think I'll agree with them
  4. SLR Cameras, I only have point and shoot digicam and I think SLRs are cool though I love my digicam more because I can bring it anywhere without fear :-)
  5. Personalized USB Drive is very simple but I really think it's cool, I love small and tiny gadgets especially if it has super GB capacity! Imagine uploading all your photos and files in one small thing and you can carry it anywhere! I only have one, the other one is not personalized
  6. Inspirational Books - I always want to read them
  7. Pizza, Pasta and Salad are cool! I love them!
  8. Bowling is cool for me though I've been injured once when I was young, actually just a simple sprain in my hands!
  9. Vacationing in beach resort is very cool for me, I want it for my relaxation
  10. A Lappy - I'll buy myself on my birthday!
There are more cool things for me but since it requires only ten, I'm gonna keep it to myself,

Happy Tuesday guys! See other cool things here!


All About Banking

Not only once these days that I was offered insurance for me and my family but it’s always my principles to plan and think before venturing on important things. I don’t want to enter into something that hubby and I didn’t prepared and agreed upon especially now that insurance companies are not all stable. Careful planning was taught to me by my Mom who was a retired teacher, she told me that planning is the safest way in entering things that are not familiar to you. I always think about all the words that she’s imparting on us as she was speaking from experience.

Since I’ve left the corporate world and entered the booming work at home jobs I opened a personal Savings Account for the small separation pay I got. I don’t want my hard-earned money to spill like water so I entrusted it all in my newly opened account. I learned it from the old folks and even though we’re into very modern times with high technology gadgets the old good habit of saving money in your bank is still the best idea.

Banking is still more reliable to save your money than any other medium so it’s best to know something about banking. Now if you want to have some knowledge about banking you can visit Banktime.com and be informed about the basics of savings account, CD rates, credit cards, insurance, home equity loans and other financing services. They provide the best online resources of information related to banking. Feel free to browse thorough their site to know it all.


Got Hooked on FB!

Hubby was just trying to communicate with her sister online when he found a new hobby online. He's always late in coming home because of the demand in his work and when he reached home all he can do is eat his dinner and watch cable movies to relax a bit before sleeping. He never had time to even check his mails or surf something on the net.

Last Sunday after fixing our car parking after a whole day activity in the church he asked for his email address and password which I'm the keeper lol! and started opening an account in Facebook. He became interested in FB when he saw a high school classmate there. Now he's been updating his facebook this morning and I'm helping him with uploading pictures because he needs to go to work. I told him he's luckier as I didn't have the time to upload photos and update my own facebook lol!


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