10 Things You Think are Cool

>> Tuesday, September 15, 2009

These are the things that are on my cool meter right now…

  1. Of course the first on my list is own website or blog site- I have 5
  2. Next is also about web site it's about having your own domain name and not a free hosted blog, I think it's cool that's why I go my own last year, now I have 3 domain sites
  3. My kids think having Facebook is cool and I think I'll agree with them
  4. SLR Cameras, I only have point and shoot digicam and I think SLRs are cool though I love my digicam more because I can bring it anywhere without fear :-)
  5. Personalized USB Drive is very simple but I really think it's cool, I love small and tiny gadgets especially if it has super GB capacity! Imagine uploading all your photos and files in one small thing and you can carry it anywhere! I only have one, the other one is not personalized
  6. Inspirational Books - I always want to read them
  7. Pizza, Pasta and Salad are cool! I love them!
  8. Bowling is cool for me though I've been injured once when I was young, actually just a simple sprain in my hands!
  9. Vacationing in beach resort is very cool for me, I want it for my relaxation
  10. A Lappy - I'll buy myself on my birthday!
There are more cool things for me but since it requires only ten, I'm gonna keep it to myself,

Happy Tuesday guys! See other cool things here!


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