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>> Wednesday, November 11, 2009

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I always love looking at fountains and every time I see one I would pause and stare not for seconds but for as long as time will allow. My kids love looking at fountains also and wished that they can play with it :-). Here's the fountain near the entrance of Enchanted Kingdom, the first thing that I noticed when we entered the park. See my other entry - Dogs' Playground

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Customized and Funny Bumper Stickers

I like looking at beautiful cars and I’m eyes are always attracted to car’s accessories especially if it’s unique. I don’t want accessories that almost all have it in their cars, I want something unique. In our own car we accessorize the interior with cute items that my kids like but outside I’ve been thinking of a different one that will look something original. No I’m not that choosy about accessories I just want fresh ideas that’s all.

Speaking of fresh ideas about accessories I found something that really caught my attention. It’s about having customized bumper stickers that will be designed according to your personal specifications, personalized designs to fit the owner’s likings. Perfect for those who want to be unique and original in their own way? I had a great time visiting and viewing those online samples of funny bumper stickers which can stretch your smile to a laughter. It’s really funny and most are quite true. I love those customized funny bumper stickers and I’m now thinking what design I can possibly have for our own bumper sticker.


Rush and Get Ready!

I should be rushing now to finish all my tasks as we’re going to be early for our weekly Wednesday bible study. Josh disciplined himself to sleep for many hours after lunch because that’s the only way that I’ll bring him with me. We finish our bible study around 10pm so it’s just right that he’ll have his sleep in the afternoon. I advised my former office that I’ll not be able to drop by as my companion has slept so soundly. I planned earlier to drop by to pick up some important certificates before going to our church. Well that will wait for next week; important thing is to get things ready now for bible study as it’ll take us less than one hour to be there.


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