Great Discounts with Online Coupons

>> Thursday, July 29, 2010

I love shopping especially when there are nice deals and discounted goods because I get to save some money for other expenses in the house. Now it’s even better because there are online coupons that will save you more money. Now that they’re offering great discounts on their back to school shopping offers you’ll get all your school things there from school supplies to school fashions up to school shoes.

Shopping is as easy as you’ll shop by department or by occasions on more than 800 stores available for you to choose from. I really love coupons because it spells discounts! By the way payment is so convenient here as you can pay through regular walk-in payments, through online banking or get your parent to pay. Well they also offer goods for electronics, clothing and accessories, gadgets, baby and kids, books, furniture and more for your specific needs and requirements. Great also for gift ideas!


Help From my Friends

>> Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I had problem with my internet connection this day and I find it hard to think where to do my tasks. I went to my cousin and she offered her net and that solved my problem. It was early afternoon and when I opened my twitter I was surprised with the back reads that I had to do. There were showers of blessings again and though I was offline the whole morning I have angels who grabbed tasks for me. It was super work but we love it because it also spells work blessings! Need to go to my bible study now!


When Your Confidential Information Are Violated

>> Saturday, July 24, 2010

When I was working in a company I was always entrusted with confidential files of my employers and I really keep them private from any employee of our company because I don’t want to lose my boss’ trust. We really should protect our personal information secured because having it known by identity thieves can lead us to great trouble. So if you’re one of those people who have filed for credits and loans between the years 1987 through 2000 you should be aware that a credit reporting company in the name of TransUnion illegally sold all confidential credit information to marketing companies. The company obviously violated an illegal disclosure case and was funding $75M to pay damages to affected people.

It was a very sensitive case as identity theft can happen anytime because the personal information is in the hands of people you don’t know. Well if you’re 28 years old and have filed credits in the US you can seek the help of O’Hanlon, McCollom & Demerath attorneys and file a TransUnion Lawsuit to be included in the list of people who will be paid of monetary damages. Well the damage was done and your personal information is out in the hands of illegal people so better make the best of your case by winning from it.


Benefits of Traveling

Many people at one time in his or her life will have a strong urge to travel and whether it’s a short or long trip the need and desire to travel is within just about all of us. Travel can be a great source of positive change in your life. It can stimulate your mind in new ways and give you a new perspective on the place you live once you return from travel. It’s also a much needed respite from the routinary schedule and daily activities. Travel is an excellent way to find out what life has in store for us. It can be a healing or strengthening process. It can be a return to your youth


Eyeing New Costumes

My little boy is very fond of playing with his super heroes costumes particularly the Robin and Spiderman costumes he has. I didn’t buy those costumes because MIL gave the first and the latter was used last year and my friend who offered the costumes told me to return it when Josh would get over it. Now he’s not wearing those costumes and I’m wondering if he thinks he’s old enough to run around the house and compound playing Batman’s friend or Spiderman.

Lately when I was browsing through some kids halloween costumes he showed some interest in Harry Potter’s costumes and he told me to always open the site for updates on the costumes. Maybe he’s waiting for some of his favorite characters to be featured there so he needs to be updated.


Getting My Works’ Worth

I’m tired and I’m dizzy from this week’s overtime in working tasks on my blogs but I’m happy all the same. The reason for this is the outpouring of tasks which is unexpectedly plenty or should I say more than I could handle in a day so I put on some more time to finish. I don’t want tasks to expire on me because that would mean fewer earnings. That’s what I’m thankful for this job because you’ll get paid for what’s your work’s worth unlike when I’m working in my previous company when my overtime is free because I’m already an officer.

My office mate teased me that I’ll not be able to buy a laptop if I stayed in the company. That’s his opinion and he makes sense. Now I get paid for my work. I will not earn if I’m lazy but I’ll earn big if I concentrated on making it a serious job. Who knows I might be able to buy silver bullion in the future if I really work hard to invest on this precious metal. Well that requires a lot of thinking and whatever investment plans and decisions I may have someday I’ll make sure hubby agrees with me.


On Food Memes and My New Site

>> Friday, July 23, 2010

I skipped playing on Food Friday and Food Trip Friday today because I was so busy and I'm planning to transfer those meme to my new home and health blog. I'm not blogging my new blog up to this time because I want it to have content first before viewing. My Crossroads was primarily created for career, work, human resource, my hobbies and recreation. Since it includes hobbies I included some of my original recipes here and joined food memes using this blog.

Next Friday I'm going to join my favorite food blog community meme on my new blog FEEL AT HOME where you'll find some home, health, kitchen tips, ideas and more. I was glad to be able to launch my new blog for viewing last week and now I'm gaining traffic for it. Feel free to visit me anytime there, you're always welcome.


Comment on Sourcebits Review

Almost all people I know would agree that they would want an iPhone if they have funds to buy it. And who would never want such a dream gadget. Even if it’s somewhat pricey it’s worth every penny you spend because it has many features and application. Now that Sourcebits is into more iPhone Development many people will be so happy with it. Wish I can afford to buy one for me too because it will be of great use for me. Well I should start saving my online earnings now if I want to own one in few months. The review helps because it’s very informative.


Shoot for the Moon

>> Thursday, July 22, 2010

Motivation Quotes Graohics

It’s good to do the best in everything that you do because if you miss it it’s not your fault and you will not blame yourself. Humans are not perfect beings so it’s not bad to fail sometimes. It’s in failure that we learn our mistakes and try to be a better person. Besides success is sweet if you experienced failure.


Moving with Convenience

>> Monday, July 19, 2010

Moving to another place gives you mixed feelings and emotions. I know this feeling because I’ve experienced moving from Mom’s hometown province to live in my father’s town near the city. My Dad renovated their ancestral Spanish house for us to live when we left our house in the province. My Mom was a teacher and she easily landed a regular position in one of the schools in town. It was sad for me as I had to leave my first grade school, my best friend and close relatives. I was very young then so I never knew the hassles of packing and travelling involved in long distance moving . Well my Mom never complained of anything to my Dad and it was really a good move, it’s just that it’s sad to leave the place where you grow up.

There are many reasons for moving like better job opportunities, new community, improved status of living and some other reasons. Whatever reasons you may have moving and storage can really be an exhausting job but it can also be an exciting experience. We shouldn’t be feeling sad with moving because it also gives us opportunity to be in better community, meet new friends and expand our horizons.

There are many good possibilities in moving to other areas and Smartbox can help you move with comfort, convenience and great affordability. You don’t have to worry about strenuous packing and costly truck rental because Smartbox’ mobile storage containers can hold a room of furniture and appliances. They will deliver it to you so you can start packing your things and inform them when you’re done. Their smaller boxes are also perfect for more flexible sorted house accessories and sorted things. You only have to pay for the boxes you’ve used and refund the unused boxes so you’ll have more savings for your money. You’re moving out is not only convenient this way because it’s economical too!


:FF/FTF:Baguio Pasalubong Items

>> Friday, July 16, 2010

Are you familiar with these yummy foods? These Lengua de Gato and Choco Flakes are two of the edible goodies from Baguio's common pasalubong items. Some others are Peanut & Cashew Brittle, Ube Haleya (Purple Yam Jam), Strawberry Jams & Preserves, Coco Jelly and a host of yummy products available everywhere-- at souvenir stores, pasalubong corners, at the market and bus terminals. Well I love lengua de gato and how it kinda melts in the mouth and I love munching on choco flakes.

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Shop for Mommy-to-be & Baby

It’s a great joy to a family when there’s a new baby coming soon. It was a thing to be excited and long for. There’s no measuring up to what the carrier of the baby is feeling because she’s holding the most precious thing in the world. It’s the time that she’s experiencing major changes in her life, her physical appearance and her body. I myself has grown bigger with every child I bear and born and that’s what every pregnant Moms were undertaking every time they get pregnant and deliver their babies. But it’s nothing to the joy that you’ll feel when you see your baby after giving birth. It’s just awesome and you’ll cry with the joy of seeing your precious one.

But before all these things the Mommy-to-be would be shopping for maternity clothes that would fit her bigger tummy because as the baby grows inside her womb she would feel that her tummy will be bigger as the months passed by. Well there are many kinds of clothes available for expectant mothers and I was able to check out some stylish maternity dresses online. Yes I saw it from Apple Seed Maternity because they offer variety of stylish maternity clothes for fashionable Mom-to-be. They provide maternity bottoms, shirts, suits, dresses, intimates, nursing accessories and baby clothing. You can also get some gifts for Mom and baby from them. It’s like a one-stop shop for Mom and baby.


What Kind of First Impression Do You Make?

>> Wednesday, July 14, 2010

You Make a Great First Impression

You can handle almost any social situation with grace, even the tricky ones.
Strangers often find you charming and interesting. You are often remembered fondly.
Even if you're not naturally outgoing, you can make conversation with anyone if you need to.

Whether you were born this way or had to work to get here, you are definitely charismatic.
You're popular and well liked. People definitely look forward to being around you.
Your social connections bring you a full and rich life. You understand how important it is to make a lasting impression.


She’s Into Workouts!

>> Monday, July 12, 2010

Some women love muscled men and they also know how to achieve those muscles. A good friend of mine has been telling me all about testosterone booster and how it helps gain muscles. She’s into gym workout herself to get rid of her excess pounds and asking me if it will look good on her if she’ll gain muscles. Well for me I don’t want muscles for women. It’s alright to have gym workouts but not to the extent of developing muscles on the arms and legs. Women should remember that some things are better on men, and that’s including muscles. Just my opinion only!


On Skipping Diet Regimen

It’s hard to get back to your diet regimen if you skipped a week or two from it. I keep reminding myself that it will be hard to get back but still I skipped. Now I’m eating rice again on lunch and dinner and I’m still thinking if I’m going to need fat burner now to help me with my problem. My brother is into herbal supplement but it costs a lot so I’m still sticking to fruit diet which is more economical and healthy too. It’s just that when I have plenty of work to do my body tend to eat sweets because it relaxes my tension and tiredness. I’m also thinking of taking green tea.


:FF/FTF: Crema De Fruta

>> Friday, July 9, 2010

This is Crema De Fruta from Goldilocks which we ate from baby Princess' birthday. So refreshing and yummy. Great partner for my pasta! I'm fond of refrigerated cake which I make from Graham's biscuits, all purpose cream, condensed and fruit cocktail. This one is a bit different but if I'm too lazy to make my own ref cake this one can be a good replacement.

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Clothes for my Big Girl

>> Thursday, July 8, 2010

The kids are growing up fast and when I buy clothes it grows out of them in few months. I’m considered a more than average height woman but DD is almost my height now so you can just imagine how fast she’s growing up. She’s lucky that she has a bigger cousin in UK that gives her nice clothes and shoes yearly. Her cousin doesn’t have those hip hop clothing I see online and I know that would not look good on DD. Her face is so sweet and innocent that certain clothes like that would look foreign to her.


On Having Good Deals for Laptop

I have many house errands and chores to do that sometimes I find it hard to start working. When you’re working at your home you need a strict discipline on yourself on work schedule because even if you’re just home you also need to implement task scheduling. I’m just happy that I’ve bought myself a laptop that I can work anywhere in the house when my mood sets in. I wonder if there are wholesale laptops on sale because my friend wants to buy laptops for her staff and she wants to avail discounts and promos on the brand she wanted. Well I had a good buy also on mine because I’ve requested for a memory upgrade and they gave the original price to me plus some accessories.


Boggle Me Thursday

It’s Boogle time! Thanks to MommyW for this exciting and fun meme! My first time!



Look at the words I've found:

1) HAT
2) HIT
4) KIT
6) HOG
7) TAG
8) GAT

Now for the sentence I've made out of the words:

The hog with a hat and a kit was hit by the tag of the taxi while the gat is overlooking.



Look at the words I've found below:

1) HAT
2) TAG
3) HAG
4) HIT
5) KIT
7) HOG
8) AGO

Now with my second sentence the only difference is the last word.

The hog with a hat and a kit was hit by the tag of the taxi awhile ago.


Best Protection for Your Patio Furniture

>> Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Summer has ended a month ago but still the sun’s heat is scorching that exposure to it can give you skin burn, headache and other illnesses. You can feel the heat wherever you go, inside or outside the house. When we really feel that we can’t take it anymore we stay in our patio where there are plants to filter the air that we breathe. At the patio we can laze around and rest there until we feel that we can endure the hot weather. Our patio is a covered area unlike others who have an open area beside the pool or in the garden. Well for open patio I think it’s best to have Patio Covers on very hot weather to protect the chairs, tables and other furniture lying around.

It’s nice to rest or even sleep on lounge chairs in our patio especially if the weather is fine and the sun is not shining so brightly. When there’s too much sun or rain showers I would want some Patio Chair Covers and Patio Table Covers to protect the furniture from easy wear and tear. When it comes to protection Empire patio covers can give the best for an all-weather protection of your patio furniture with quality and style at a price you can afford. They have wide range of quality and durable covers for various outdoor furniture. You can choose from among their valuable products like patio table covers, patio chair cover, umbrella cover, grill cover, BBQ cover and many others. All patio covers are guaranteed with a 1-2 year warranty.


Top Droppers for June 2010

>> Monday, July 5, 2010

I just want to acknowledge the people who regularly visits my blog. Below are the top ten droppers on this blog for the month of June 2010. For all who visits my blog and those who didn't make it to the top ten I also want to express my heartfelt gratitude to them. Hope to see around this month again.

Dropper # of drops
Fledgling Blogger 30
Political Tutor — Learn Politics 29
Contest and Promos for Pinoys! 29
The Modern Mom 25
Mommy's Little Corner 25
Life's Tricky Situations 25
Life's sweets and spices 25
Yummy-as-can-be 25
A Simple Life 25
moms..... check nyo 25


Weekend Eating Together

>> Saturday, July 3, 2010

It’s going to rain I think because I can hear thunders rolling down the sky. Few minutes back the sky is so clear but now it’s beginning to dark. Anyway DH bought some camote fries and sweet banana-ques and I cooked gelatin for our food while watching cable. Weekend is really for eating and watching television together and if days will always be like this I think I will need some fat burners like curvatrim. Glad they have classes five days of the week so I’ll be spared from eating too much lol!

When the kids are not around I limit my intake of sweet foods. I have no problem about fatty foods because we’re not serving that on the table except on some occasions where it can’t be avoided. Well got to get ready for the big rain and possible brownout again.


:FF/FTP: Sherbet

>> Friday, July 2, 2010

The weather today is changing every now and then. One moment it's hot then another moment it's cloudy. It's hard to predict if it will rain or not but my craving for this yummy ice cream is very predictable lol! With the sunny/rainy weather today I'm drooling for Shakey's sherbet ice cream. The pic I had was that of my little boy's ice cream in Shakey's two weeks ago. I didn't ordered another one for me because it was after midnight then and I was so full with pizza and pasta. Josh only ate a slice of pizza and ordered this one. Look at him here!

Update :-)
Here's a happier picture of him! He asked his sisters to help him with the ice cream lol!


Busy with My New Home and Health Site

I’m busy with my new blog which is all about home, kitchen and health. I’m writing and sharing all my tips in keeping up home, choosing and planning food for the whole family, tips on buying good meat, fish and vegetables and a lot more. It’s actually a blog that I want to start over a year ago but was shelved and started anew again. It’s a kind of health and home blog where I’ll be also tackling ways to lose weight fast without risking your health. Of course it’s not good to be slimmer but sick. With the current cancer-causing foods that are prevalent in the market we should be careful with taking foods and pills that offers weight loss. It’s good to shed excess pounds as long as you’re using a healthy diet plan and not the ones that can cause danger to your body.


What Color Would Help You Right Now?

>> Thursday, July 1, 2010

You Could Use Some Blue

Your life is probably a lot more chaotic and stressful than you'd like it to be.
At times, you feel like you're spinning out of control. And gaining control is actually easier than you might think.

Tap into some blue energy by finding calm and serenity every day.

You have the inner peace and strength you seek. You just need to find it.

It's not really a chaotic or stressful world I'm into but I just could not find time for myself right now. I have hectic schedule and plenty of activities for the family, my kids' school and many more. But I'm very happy with my life now doing my work at home only and giving quality time for my family. I will not change it for my past working life! I just need some 'Me Time'


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