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>> Friday, June 21, 2013

I had a nice talk with the person in-charge of personnel and applicant interview this afternoon. I actually know him for several years now as I was employed for several years in the same company before I resigned and worked at home. Going back to my old company I saw old colleagues and friends whom I had worked with for more than a decade. It was really wonderful reminiscing old memoirs of working moments. 

The interview lasted about half an hour but most of the minutes were spent on casual conversation and past stories as we know each other already. The person who interviewed me talked about various stories of employment and his account of his friends’ experiences in work like ending up in a company that sells flavored cigars and entanglement with shipping problems for the said products. 

Work can be very stressful and demanding at time but you just have to be patient and do all things with perseverance to combat the adversity. We both agreed that in reaching up your work ambitions you’ll encounter some difficulties and hardships on the way but sometimes roads are easier for others depending on the how high your hopes are and how determined you are in fulfilling them. In all of these accounts I can say that I did all to reach my goal and used all my skills and knowledge in fulfilling my job in all of the companies I served.


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