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>> Friday, July 18, 2008

General PTA Meeting last June was headed and presided by none other than the school principal. He discussed the most important things to prioritize in terms of the children's welfare and growth in education. Some topics were time, discipline, breaktime activities, growing number of enrolees, guidance of parents when they reach their homes and restriction on students on their whereabouts.

Attendees were all officers who was elected in respective classes and grades. Principal put emphasis on the cooperation and support of the parents on the teachers' effort to lead the children into valuing education for a brighter future.


PTA Meeting 2008-2009

I attended the first Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) meeting for this new school year. Meeting was done all at the same time with all grade levels so I had difficulty with going up and down the building to attend both grade IV and V level. I had Joshua with me and after 20 minutes I decided to let my kids’ service take them home ahead of me as I can’t concentrate on the meeting.

Meeting was always like the previous years, the only difference now was teachers are not accepting payment for anything. I was elected again for the 5th time since Ruth was in grade I and this time for Vice President. I presided the meeting because the elected President was too shy to speak in front of the parents and to lead the meeting. I’m glad that friend Janet arrived and helped me. Janet, me and some friends were consistent officers for five years and have worked through school projects as partners. Jannet was a little bit late this time the reason why she was elected only as secretary and not the President.

Agenda of the meeting were uniform, books, grading system, discipline, time and some other important matters. Meeting was ended quickly to give way for general PTA meeting which will be headed by the principal. Glad to meet Mrs. Eder Escoto again after some years, she’s my teacher when I was in grade V and now on her last few years of teaching she’ll be handling my daughter Ruth. I admire the old teachers’ techniques in teaching just like my Mom who was also a teacher in this school for several years before she retired from work.


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