Career and Passion Come Together

>> Sunday, September 29, 2013

Most often we have successful careers in our life but our field of interest is different from its path.  Some of my college friends took a different field when they work because they didn’t find enthusiasm in the degree that they pursued in college.  Some like me continued with the path that our education has directed us but sometime in our working life has switched to where passion and career has come together.  

I’ve been employed with various jobs within and outside my education in college.  Experience has taught me that we can learn almost everything if we put our hearts on it even if we didn’t studied it in college.  My computer engineering degree has not taught me to work as Accounting Supervisor, Human Resource Officer and Administrative Head neither as a Customer Relations Officer.   

But it’s a different thing when your career and passion come together because it would be the perfect job ever.  Since my career doesn’t go with my passion for writing I opt to quit and choose to do what my passion dictates me.  I’m just lucky that I can do writing in the convenience of my home because there are online opportunities for those who want to make a living out of writing and blogging.  God always provides what we need.


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