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>> Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Work is up to my neck these days though I must admit I enjoy my work now than before. I always love my job because I see it as a blessing from God and it helps me in supporting my kids’ education. Right now one of the things that I’m looking forward is the time that my husband will graduate from his education degree as finances will be a lot easier by then. It’s just a year from now and after his board exam I know that God will bless him with a license and a good school to work on. 

Well as my work requires me to do some jobs other than administration I take advantage of this rather than fret about it. Even though sometimes I have to study about designs and other works of Engineers I’m lucky to be trained because I’m learning what needs to be learned. Education is a great thing and if you focus on it like learning how to play piano, innovative percussion, guitar and others you’ll get knowledge and wisdom. Well music is in our genes and it always excites me to see all my kids playing their musical instruments.


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