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>> Monday, July 15, 2013

Most investment companies are built on the corporate model, but there are a few successful firms that still operate out of a family office. One of those is Hexagon Inc. This company was founded and headed up by Scott Reiman in 1992. Reiman graduated from the University of Denver in 1987 with a Bachelor of Science and Business Administration in Finance. He now is the president of Hexagon, Inc. and also is the director of several charities, organizations and foundations around Denver. 

Reiman has built his life on smart investments and that includes charities and education foundations as well. Hexagon Inc. works with marketable securities including venture capital, oil, gas, real estate and private equity. Reiman has been the leader of this business throughout its humble beginnings until now. For over two decades, Hexagon has been growing into a multimillion dollar company with many investments throughout the country. 

As president, Reiman is one of the best leaders to help with Hexagon investments. He has made some solid investments on his own in the community of Denver. You can still find the family office for Hexagon right in the City of Denver. That's also where you'll find the Reiman Foundation, a charity where Reiman is the managing director. In addition, he also serves as the Director of ACE Scholarships, Denver Scholarship Foundation, American Transplant Foundation, The Denver Art Museum, Graland County Day School and Alliance for Choice in Education. He is also on the board of trustees for University of Denver, where he graduated in 1987. 

Reiman also received the Ammi Hyde Award for Young Alumni Achievement due to his success as both an investor and charity director. He continues to work hard for education and also oversees a variety of civic boards in Denver. From small beginnings, you can create a vast business and achieve great success. Reiman started just out of college and was able to create his own company. Today that company has helped with a variety of organizations and continues to be one of the best investment companies in the country. Reiman is still a family man and lives in Denver with his family.


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