Birthday At My Work

>> Monday, December 22, 2008

Just to celebrate my birthday with my office mates I've ordered pancit canton at Joey's and hired someone to grill 3 kilos of liempo for our lunch. Since it's also our little party at the main office some brought additional food to complete the menu. It's only an eat-together celebration with a little raffle of small gifts unlike last year where we had a bigger celebration in our adjacent office. We're busy anyway so we didn't planned anything. Anyway we really have plenty of food and some of the excess food were brought home.

I was happy that our friend Mimin (in blue green shirt) came home from Abu Dhabi to spend Christmas here, she's working there for about one year only but she was given a chance to have a vacation with free tickets from her boss, lucky girl! She's there at my birthday cum office party and just seeing her again made me a lot happier! I missed her you know! She's one of my closest friend and my office seatmate :-) we call ourselves escalera sisters!

Here's some pics of us as well as our food:


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