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>> Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I’m very productive today and I’m amazed that despite having same tasks in all of my sites I was able to think different topics and ideas. The words literally are overflowing from my thoughts and I’m finishing tasks in very short span of time. Well I needed that because I have to finish them all before we go to Pansol tomorrow early morning. It’s our dear pastor’s birthday and I decided not to bring my laptop with me so I can take a break and rest. The kids will not go with us as this is their review week for their periodical exams next week. It’s harder to cope up with past lessons if they will be absent from school. So I’m expecting a no-sleep night ahead of me to finish all tasks due tomorrow. I’ll be leaving the house in a few minutes for our bible study.


When Business is Not Meant For You

Most of the employees I know who have resigned from job and retired early resorted to running a small business of their own. It’s the most common action on resigned and retired employees like me. We somehow have this thought of having a steady income even after leaving the corporate world. Some succeeded in running their own business but few were not meant to be business men I guess because they stopped after some time. Those who found that business was not meant for them can give investment a second thought as many succeeded in investing their money. It’s only a question of where to invest your money that’s to be thought and plan about.

Well for some ideas you can look at some sites where they offered investment like buying gold coin or some other precious metals which are time-tested to appreciate values over the years. That will be an assurance that you’ll be receiving high returns of your capital. Our money is hard to earn so we need to think carefully where we should invest it.


Great Job!

I’m full up to my head! I’m talking about my tasks which suddenly became too many for me to finish. I’m not complaining though it may seem tiring to do but it also means earnings. I really thank God that I have this wonderful work-at-home job . This way I can plan ahead of time going to some places without asking employer to sign my absence form and leave.


The Bicycle Test

You Are Confident

You've accepted yourself fully, and you're happy with where you are in life. You are extremely content.
Your gut reactions are neither negative nor positive. You tend to see both sides of issues. You are efficient and savvy. You don't get tied down by unnecessary details.

Yes I'm confident because I'm happy with simplest things that is in me.   I learned to accept things as they are and be contented for what God has given me including my looks, my status in life, my family, my finances and every little thing that I have.  My guts are not that high and not so low, sometimes I'm brave and sometimes not.  I get along fine with everyone and I don't make a fuss of things.  In short I'm just your ordinary friendly neighbor.


When Your Work is Not Exciting Anymore

Being in the same work everyday with routine works is such a not-so nice thing for me because it will not exercise your brain anymore with works that repeats everyday. When I was assigned in our sister company’s Accounting Dept. 7 years ago without any knowledge on it gave me excitement because I’m seeing myself learning different field of study from my computer engineering course. When I had the job for three years it dawned on me that I’m not getting any wiser and smarter because the works I’m doing were just routine works.

That’s when I started to seek for more and it ended in my resignation and concentrate on freelance writing which is more exciting for me or should I say I love doing. It also opened up better earning opportunities for me that investing on gold coins or some other valuable things seem possible now except that it really costs high. Anyway investing is a long process of thinking, planning and decision making so I’m leaving it up on hubby to decide what kind we would most likely to have in the next few months.


Traffic Improvements

I learned from my sister that traffic situation now is so good that it only takes her less than an hour to reach her office. I presumed that one hour is the longest travel time for her now and I’m glad that we’re seeing road improvements. I’m thinking that maybe the lifting of coding window helps and the elimination of special permit to travel on coding days. Well all is fair now. I’m happy that going to work now is much faster and convenient unlike last year when you can get almost stranded on traffic jam. Being late for work affects your record and your attitude sometimes as work will be delayed and you’ll get some reprimand from personnel department.


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