Holiday Celebration at Work

>> Tuesday, August 27, 2013

In our holiday celebration last year with my former employer we celebrated it in our own office area unlike the previous year where we held it at TGIF. Since we’re moving out at that time we preferred to have our celebration so we can have good memories of our first office where we started out pioneering our new company. We’re only few and we invited our families to make it more festive and merrier especially when doing the games where kids are most needed and welcome. 

How we wished that we have a great sound system but we also thought that simple sounds would do since we’re only a small group. Some wanted to use guitars or any other instrument as we can save on lp performer series 11 at guitar center but we used the components instead. We’re in our office building and sounds should be limited also. Anyway the kids and employees were all happy with the game, cowboy costumes and gift giving where our identities were revealed. The food is equally satisfying for the occasion.


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