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>> Monday, July 6, 2009

It’s always nice to hear that couples will go to tie the knot or get married. It means the starting phase of their lives where they will dream for a home and for their kids. I’ve always love to remember my own wedding several years back. Hubby and I were really excited and at the same a bit exhausted at the preparations we have to do before the big wedding day. Starting with the gowns, guests list, invitation, flower arrangement down to reception, menu selection, cake design and everything that goes with wedding preparation I can say are all tiring but since we want a nice wedding we did all we can to make it a memorable one.

We were just so happy that my sister, cousins and bestfriend helped me with making unique personalized wedding favors because if I will just do it solely maybe I’ll only buy ready-made giveaways. I had three or four unique designs for different group of guests. When my kids saw some that were left in my cabinet they find it very unique and pretty. Actually we saw some of personalized wedding favors online at The Knot Wedding Shop and were excited to find wide variety of wedding supplies and novelty items there. It will be of great ease to those planning to get married. They can shop online, less stress and saves time too.


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