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>> Saturday, February 2, 2013

Our house is an ancestral Spanish house renovated by my father when we were kids. As it’s a former home of the clan it has documents and precious things of my father’s family. Even if it was changed into a modern house it still consists of some old things of the house and since it was restored decades ago some of the structures on the second-storey have some wooden structures. 

Even though the whole structure of the house is made with sturdy steel and cement the upper rooms is still made of wood walls and flooring. As such it’s very susceptible with termites and though we always clean and check it for any signs of pests we cannot guarantee that we’ll be free from it for long. 

We’re now planning to renovate again the upper floor and change the flooring into slab. We’re going to retain some of the wood structures but we’ll make sure that we’ll get a good pest control like termite treatment tucson to get rid of pests before and after the renovation. This company provides homes and businesses with the best and high quality pest control services to residential and commercial establishments. 

Their pest control program services includes solutions for usual pests like termites, cockroaches, ants, fleas, spiders, insects, scorpions, bees and rodents. No need to worry about the cost because they offer discounts and specials for affordable pest solutions.


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