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>> Friday, January 10, 2014

Imagine driving down the road when you suddenly spot something odd. There are two people in an old sport utility vehicle that is loaded with stuff. There is so much packed into the vehicle that you can only tell there are two people inside because you can see their arms reaching out to hold onto their mattress which is just sitting on the roof of their SUV. You shake your head in disbelief as you wonder how they are going to make it through the windy canyon pass. This inexperienced couple is obviously moving all of their belongings. However, they haven’t spent the time necessary to completely prepare their cargo for transport. The first big gust of wind will blow their mattress off their vehicle. Moving any object without proper preparation can lead to disaster. Somewhere around 40 million people change their place of residence each year. With quality nylon rope, people can avoid moving disasters and transport their precious belongings safely. 

Planning Ahead Is Being Safe 

Using bungee cords to secure cargo onto vehicles is an old practice. However, many people still fail to see the importance of properly securing their belongings. This leads to dire and sometimes hilarious consequences. Many a viral video has been created by poor planning during a move. Bungee cords can be your best friend while you are moving. However, proper precautions must be taken. Anything that stretches with elastic has the potential to unleash massive amounts of energy. Accidents caused by poor planning with bungee cords pose a threat to your entire body, especially your eyes. Know the limits of your cords and follow the manufacturer’s guidelines at all times. 

Eye Protection while Using Bungee Cords 

You can use quality nylon rope for many purposes. Moving is much easier when you prepare and secure any loose cargo. Wrapping a bungee cord around loose piles of things can save you on storage space and maintain proper organization for your home. Remember to use caution when dealing with elastic bungee cords. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and always remember to use protective eyewear just in case there is an accident.


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