Busy Weekdays for Renewals

>> Friday, January 20, 2012

The office especially accounting department was so busy this week as it’s the period for renewal of business. I’d like to help my friend with her renewal but I should be in the office when she’s out with errands and papers to submit to various government agencies. The renewal is so tasking because the line is so long you’ll finish at night. You’ll spend the whole day in City Hall with papers to submit to comply with requirements and pray that you’ll be finish with assessment. Today my friend left the office to pay for the assessed amount and she told me that she’ll be expecting to finish the payment near midnight. 

First day of the month is really a busy day for her department not just with the licenses but also with the taxes as well. I just hope that she’ll finish every deadline that she may have so she can rest this weekend. I learned that she’s discussing about schools like Nashville cosmetology school where her friend wants to enrol to pursue a very different kind of career, that of being a beauty consultant. Well everyone is entitled to her/his own dreams and we just have to respect them. 

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