Asian Carrier Conference in Cebu

>> Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Sir Bobby finished all meetings, released payables and instructed us all on our assigned duties. He asked Joey to be in-charge while they’re away for the yearly Asian Carrier Conference in Cebu when all carriers/telcos all over the Philippines gather for 3 days starting Sept. 10-11 for conference and meeting with each company registered as carrier. This conference includes all major and minor telecommunications company in the Philippines. It’s a big celebration on the telco world. BT&T’s representatives were Osang our sales and marketing head, our business development manager Berry Tenchavez, Executive Vice President Bobby Tenchavez and my senior boss Sir Bob Tenchavez as our President and Chairman.


Job Description and Tasks List

Finally done with the list of tasks and responsibilities and tasks that I’m presently handling and when I looked into it I seemed to notice that I handle multi-tasking jobs that can’t be turned over to one staff only. Jobs stemmed from the top level to small tasks. Jim the accountant of DSI appreciated my lists for easy delegating of responsibilities to remaining staff in our company. He has this idea of adding tasks to some regular employees and they will just increase their compensation. Good idea for me.


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