Convenient Security Locks in Offices

>> Monday, December 16, 2013

In most corporate offices now the use of electronic door lock is widely used because it offers security for the employees inside and at the same time you can see whose coming in with glass door. In my previous work we’re only few in the office and if our technical engineers are on installation and maintenance it’s only four of us who remains in the office most of the times. With the large space in our office it’s hard for us to go at the door and peek through to see who wants to come in. 

When we have the electronic door lock installed we can see the visitors from afar through glass doors and at the same time we can have the door opened as quickly as we want. We have buttons hidden behind the table to open the door and some control keys that you can use anywhere in the office. That way we’re secured and safe inside our working area. 

We’re also not disturbed if someone needs to get in or out of the office with just a single quick click. This is just the same as the petsafe dog doors which helps in getting up and down when your dog want to play outside your home. He can get in and get out as much as he wants without disturbing anyone.


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