Meeting for Kumakasa Activities

>> Monday, April 30, 2012

We had our meeting last week at Bayan Corporate Center Multipurpose Hall to discuss about the upcoming activities of Kasamang Kumakasa activities like seminars, roadshow and mini trade fair on May 14 up to 25.  All queries and concerns were addressed properly and with guidance on how we should do the activities.  It was attended by all vendors of Bayantel and slots/dates were raffled off. 

I picked up #12 and had no choice but to pick up the second day of the roadshow on May 24  4pm.  Luckily we picked up Slot#12 for our mini trade fair which will be on a good spot area.  This trade fair will be for the last 2 days of the whole kumakasa activities.  The meeting was held by Vendor Management Officer Engr. Phil Lomboy and his assistant Jayell Mateo.  Meeting ended at 5pm with registration of our scheduled date of each activities.


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