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>> Saturday, February 19, 2011

I found my Mom’s best friend over at FB and I was excited to tell my Mom about it. They haven’t seen each other for months now and Mom misses her a lot. Her friend happens to be one of our wedding sponsors also which makes their friendship more binding. I added her as my friend and browse her pictures. I showed her wall and photos to my Mom and we both said that Auntie is not getting old. She looks very young in her photos and very happy indeed. I was thinking if she’s using anti wrinkle creams because with her skin and youthful eyes she looks like getting old is not in her list of to do lol! 

Now we’re planning to go there in her house located 6 towns away from us on summer so the two can have some chat and updates on family. They’re friends since they were teens and never lost communications. Auntie frequently visits her daughter in US that’s why she never had the time to drop by in the house. Oh I’m really looking forward to our planned visit on summer.


A Good Night’s Sleep

I was looking at my girls sleeping in sofa bed and wondered at their ability to sleep right away and they look like the ones who has taken sleep enhancer melatonin. Some say that when you have no problem or worries you can really sleep as deep as the sea but when you’re in trouble sleep escapes you.

I remember those times in my work when I can’t sleep due to pressure in handling my responsibilities. Most often the pressure is frequently not on my designated job but on the extra job I was handling. Although I can give my best work under pressure I still don’t want to live everyday with worries at my work place so I decided to resign after 16 years of employment. I’m glad that I got hooked in blogging and was able to earn income from it.


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