My Mom's Birthday

>> Saturday, May 31, 2008

It’s my Mom’s birthday today and we decided to celebrate it in our house unlike last year’s celebration in Bosay resort in Antipolo. My Mom was very happy to see close friends’ faces specially Rina and kids to which she’s a sponsor on wedding. Half of her guests were children, mostly my brother’s kids and his in-laws’ children. Some were grandchildren of my Mom on her niece and nephews.

As always I’m the one who planned food and menu and cooked everything up. Redge and I took turns in entertaining and assisting guests letting dear Mom talked and chatted with her visitors.

Day turned perfectly good and we thanked God that my Mom is still healthy in body and mind, just a slight rheumatism, the sign of aging don’t you think! All the best wishes for my Mom whom we love so dearly.


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