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>> Sunday, October 12, 2008

We had a fulfilling Sunday as usual and Pastor Ed was happy to announce that despite of not getting our usual camp site for the holiday season Bro. Gerry has found a new one. Again God has proven to us that He’s the great provider – our Jehovah Jirei. The mansion that we’re renting for 2 camp meetings now was rented by a Belgian national for one year and the owner was so sorry for giving it to that foreigner. We were only two weeks late from the Belgian’s proposal and Pastor was so sad about it last Monday.

God is so good that right after we learned about not making it to the reservation Bro. Gerry was successful in finding a new one in Indang, Cavite again where we had our fellowship in 2006 before our Tagaytay Venue. The owner of Villa Dominga Forest Resort is a new born-again Christian and upon learning that we’re interested in renting the place for December she agreed and gave us a discount. The place is a 3.3 hectare camping site with swimming pools and conference hall big enough for more than a hundred people.

Here are some pictures that I got online, I wasn’t able to scan the brochure that they gave us.


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