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>> Saturday, February 4, 2012

My Auntie was glad that finally her transaction with the lessee was finalized. Her commercial place at the front of our compound was vacated a month ago and it took that long before it was taken by the right lessee. Many people asked, inquired and stated their desire to rent the place but their proposed business is not fitted for the style of the shop. My Auntie would not allow any lessee to change the look and design of her commercial business so she was really choosy. At last when the guy who wants to sell mobile and motorcycle accessories asked about the place my Auntie agreed immediately.

The guy seems to be very determined with his business even if he’s still young. Now they’re moving their things and their merchandise into the shop including their receipt printer and bar code scanner. There’s a motorcycle store opposite the shop and I was so sure that it’s the reason why the guy chose my Auntie’s place. It’s a smart choice for him because anyone who will get or buy a motorcycle would be thinking of looking for nice accessories across the road.


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