New Business for this Year

>> Monday, January 13, 2014

DH and I are thinking of good business to start this year to augment our funds for college schooling of our eldest. We’re thinking of renting chairs and tables for various occasions as we’re located in a community that loves celebrating several occasions in a year. My husband’s sister has a business of this kind in Great Britain and she decorates table and chairs with her own handmade and sewed chair covers and tablecloths. She also caters flowers and cake depends on the client’s request. 

Sometimes she asked us if we can find burlap fitted tablecloths for her other theme so she can collaborate it with her own creations. She’s very inspired in designing party interiors and themes that it reflects on the successful outcome of the occasion’s design. We admire not just her creative mind and hands but her intelligent management of her business. Wish we can pursue our plan and later plunge into covers also. We’re still praying for guidance if we will proceed with the business or think of another one.


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