Side Effects of Diabetes Medicine

>> Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Diabetes is really a very sensitive disease for me as it involves careful maintenance, monitoring and a very healthy and balanced diet. Our Personnel Manager in my work several years ago has this kind of disease which he inherited from his father. They’re 4 siblings in the family and 2 of them got it. His brother died from complications and he’s very careful with his food and life habits because his diabetes might worsen if he will not be so cautious. I remember him saying that he’s very dependent on their family doctor and only take the medicines prescribed by him. I never heard any news from him now since we bumped into each other four years ago but I hope he’s well and good.

I’m glad that his medicine has not given him bad side effects like Actos drug which was found out to cause bladder cancer and other related complications. I learned from a former office mates that this drug has been recalled already in some countries like France and Germany because of the said complications. For those who are victims of this you can get assistance from actos cancer attorney who are willing to give free advice and consultation. They offer and provide legal assistance to help them get their compensation claims.


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