My Special Kid

>> Saturday, January 30, 2016

I was talking to my youngest kid the other day and we were thinking of what he might be taking up when he reached college. As of now he’s very amazed at computer codes and html things and thinking of taking up Electronics Communications Engineering or a course that pertains to website graphics. At his age he’s a bit advanced when it comes to computer and at times I’m telling him to slow down a bit and focus on his academics. I’m a little apprehensive at his divided attention between his current subjects and the things that excites his mind. 

I was just happy that besides all those things he still maintains his penchant for playing keyboards and keeps up with practicing his musical pieces. He even looked at Yamaha Pro Audio and asked me about it. He’s going to buy his own musical instruments from his savings so he’s thinking carefully what he’s going to buy; after all it’s his own earned money. Josh is really a special one, a computer techie, an artist and a musician as well. Great thing about him is that he’s still very sweet and caring son. Lucky me.


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