Finally A Replacement!

>> Thursday, March 5, 2009

I’m having a hard time arranging my things in my office. I have to put away all unnecessary files so my turn over would be much easier. Three weeks ago I finally found someone who will replace me. I was the one who personally examined and interviewed her so I’ll know if she’s capable of the duties that she’ll be handling. This time we hired an Accounting graduate with few years experience in all accounting areas. I liked her on site and I think she can manage to handle multi-tasking jobs that I’ll give to her.

Now I feel better that soon I can finally get on leaving my work in BT&T and just work on a part-time basis. I can start some renovation on the house and arrange my things like documents, jewelry, photo albums and many other accessories. My work has really limited my time organizing my household so that’s my priority once I started my part-time job. I’ll have 3 days work in the office, 3 days in the house and 1 day for fellowship. I guess that’s good enough.


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