Vehicular Weighing Scales for Shipping Business

>> Sunday, June 30, 2013

Vehicle scales are a necessary tool for any company that deals in shipping. If you're loading a truck, you're probably going to need to know how much it weighs on the way in or out of your loading system. However, keeping vehicle scales accurate is a difficult proposition when they so regularly have to bear so much weight. Even though they are designed to accommodate vehicles, the task is still monumental, particularly for a precision instrument intended to accurately measure the weight of the vehicle to the precision required for industrial-scale operations. Keeping vehicle scales accurate is a matter of being honest about the needs of your business. 

More and more companies are learning that one of the most important things to pursue is regular maintenance of the scale systems. This isn't always pleasant, as it can take scales offline for some time, but it's necessary to keep the scale running at maximum efficiency and delivering the most precise results. When dealing with items in large quantities, precision is important, as a margin of error can extrapolate and skew results over time. In some cases, a simple upgrade to a modern system might be wise. FloorScales Direct provides vehicle scales on a direct basis, and can be a good resource to start working from. Ultimately, maintaining the precision of your vehicle scale is simply a necessary step to maintaining the profitability of your business, but with proper understanding of what is necessary, it can be an easy one.


Investing on Diamonds

>> Wednesday, June 26, 2013

With the advent of economic crisis in many countries people learned to think of handling their money wisely to combat the hardship of battling financial crisis. It could happen even on the most financially stable country, company or individual and when there’s a crisis no one is spared from it because the whole country is affected. Everyone can feel the impact of the crisis in the sudden inflation of basic commodities and freezing of salaries and wages. A country with economic problems finds it hard to increase the basic salaries of the working force thus it became even harder to live comfortably and afford some of the things that we need in our lives. 

With these things in mind about global economy’s ups and downs people are looking out for solutions on how to earn extra money to suffice to existing family budget. Some search for alternatives like investing on tangible things that will create a stable future for them. We all know that when you invest on real estate and precious metals it will appreciate in value throughout the years. Now we can include the hardest substance and most durable diamonds on the list because like gold and silver it’s a physical commodity that can easily trust to invest on. 

Since some are not used to this kind of investment it’s better if you will learn from a site on how to invest in diamonds because there are many things to take in consideration before you spend your money on buying diamonds. First you should know your reasons for investing and what kind of diamonds you want to invest in. You should be aware of the pros and cons of investing in diamonds because in every investment there are ups, downs and risks. If you’re really decided on having diamond investment you should choose the rare kinds, compare prices and diversify your stocks for future marketing purposes. Then be sure you buy GIA certified diamonds.


TILT Design Studio - A Nice Work Cubicle

>> Tuesday, June 25, 2013

I'm inspired with the setup of this design studio TILT has created which they called OpenBook. This furniture is a combination of a seat, coffee rest and a library.  It's so conducive to working and perfect for a work-at-home person like me where I can place my books and stuff at an arms lenght and have coffee at the side while doing my online writing tasks.

Working online is not that easy and so is writing article but when you love your work and has become a passion you'll love every minute of it.  Well if the work is getting hard you could think of something like this featured furniture to perk up your zest and excites your mood.  Remember that a cozy and beautiful place of working inspires a person to work and when you're a writer you need a lot of inspiration to think and write.

Design studio TILT has created OpenBook, a piece of furniture that is a seat, coffee-rest and a library.


Thinking of Business on Musical Instruments

>> Monday, June 24, 2013

Though I want to just stay at home and be content with my online work I really must find some extra work in the real world for stability of income. My earnings is good enough if I have a small business to tender but I’m still thinking of feasible field of business that will give me good source of income to add to my present one. I was actually thinking of having a business which compliments my hobbies like cooking, reading and music and with these I should start with a bakeshop, bookstore or selling musical instruments. 

I’ve always loved dropping by music store to update me of the prices of guitars, keyboard and other musical instruments that I love to play with my kids who are also fond of learning those instruments. But sometimes I find some too expensive for my budget that I often wish that I buy used musical instruments at WWBW for me to be able to enjoy quality instruments without spending more than my budget. Now I’m thinking if I can have a business of buying and selling musical instruments. This one will not only bring me excitement on handling various instruments but will give me extra source of income if ever. I’ll have to think about this.


Chosen Field of Small Business

>> Saturday, June 22, 2013

Many colleagues of mine who worked for two decades already have chosen to put up their own business for reasons of maximizing their earning opportunities while they’re still able to manage it. They don’t want to start in their senior years because that would mean working hard at an old age. Some have set their eyes on food industry while others on internet cafe business. They find these two businesses more lucrative than other business. The one who resorted to internet cafĂ© has added printing and scanning documents as part of their offers to fully give complete services to customers. 

Well I have seen lots of them succeed in their own chosen business and remember the one I saw online which offers printing business cards at That’s a good line of business where you can also add brochures, business portfolio, letterheads and a lot more requirements for printing. It will cater to companies, school and individuals who have specific printing needs.


In Reaching Your Work Goal

>> Friday, June 21, 2013

I had a nice talk with the person in-charge of personnel and applicant interview this afternoon. I actually know him for several years now as I was employed for several years in the same company before I resigned and worked at home. Going back to my old company I saw old colleagues and friends whom I had worked with for more than a decade. It was really wonderful reminiscing old memoirs of working moments. 

The interview lasted about half an hour but most of the minutes were spent on casual conversation and past stories as we know each other already. The person who interviewed me talked about various stories of employment and his account of his friends’ experiences in work like ending up in a company that sells flavored cigars and entanglement with shipping problems for the said products. 

Work can be very stressful and demanding at time but you just have to be patient and do all things with perseverance to combat the adversity. We both agreed that in reaching up your work ambitions you’ll encounter some difficulties and hardships on the way but sometimes roads are easier for others depending on the how high your hopes are and how determined you are in fulfilling them. In all of these accounts I can say that I did all to reach my goal and used all my skills and knowledge in fulfilling my job in all of the companies I served.


Going Back to My New Old Work

>> Thursday, June 20, 2013

I’m getting ready for a new job tomorrow after being a work at home Mom for almost 2 months. I resigned from my Makati corporate job last month because I decided to concentrate on online writing but the online opportunities suddenly reached its low peak so I started looking for part time job. When I l called my former office friends in my longest job tenure I was convinced to go back and tried doing my former work in Technical Proposal again. That’s my assigned work and department when I was still single up to the time that I’m pregnant with my third child ten years ago. 

I was transferred to a Telecoms marketing company by the same boss and worked for six years more before the blogging earning mania caught me up. I worked at home for two years before I was asked by a former office friend to help in the startup of her new company with foreign capitalist. Things got better for my career until I realized I wasn’t cut out for the position related to logistics and I didn’t want to do it anyway. Shipping and dealing with customs is not my cup of tea and I feel like I’m always crossing a delicate line so I finished all work related to our transfer to the busiest district in the country and I resigned. 

Since I’m earning online with my 8 sites I thought of investing on stocks or buying gold bars to add to my online income but I figured out that it’s not for me yet. So what’s left to me is to find a part-time job that would give me just additional earnings to my online work but my plan is not God’s plan for me. As always He knows better than I do and this time He gave me full time job and brought me back to my longest tenure ever. It’s like going back to my old sweet memories of my job which I was employed 20 years ago. I worked for 16 years there and now I’m going back again. Maybe that’s where I would retire also for the second time.


Focusing Your Mind on Your Goal

Myspace Motivation Graphics Quotes
"When life gives you a hundred reasons to cry show life..."

In order to be successful in life we should set some goal and plans which we will center our focus to achieve it. It's not that easy to get your goals in life. There will be trials and obstacles along the way that will impede your progress if you take your eyes off your goal. So the most important thing to do is focus your mind and actions on your goals and dreams, enclose them all with prayers to God. Rest assured it will all come your way in God’s time.


The Hot Jobs To Look Out For In 2013

IT Systems Analysts
IT systems are becoming increasingly important in all types of business and it appears that this trend will only continue in the future. As a field in which it is easy to specialize, there are a variety of options available to anyone qualified, with compensation and benefits reflecting the difficulty of the job at the higher end of the spectrum. A career in which you can sure to be in demand, this is a job with great scope for progression.
Accountants should have a great year in 2013, benefiting from an economic climate in which businesses and individuals are making sure their books are in order and always looking for help to spot those opportunities to increase efficiency . Though a great deal of graduates will be looking to enter the profession, anyone that can get their foot in the door can expect a job in which they are given a large amount of work and a number of opportunities to prove themselves.
Market Researcher
Though the economy is still in a difficult place, and there is a lot of room for improvement, it does show signs of recovery and experts are feeling more confident in its growth. This is reflected in the expectancy that budgets for marketing departments will rise amongst many businesses this year, bringing new talent in and providing them with a greater amount of money to work with. However, you can be sure that this budget will have to be spent wisely, and market researchers will play a large role in ensuring that companies are relating to their clients, and the wider population, in the right way.

Human Resources Specialists
Many companies will still not be able to begin recruitment campaigns and, consequently, will be looking for ways to get the most out of their work force. This is where human resources specialists step in and become an important part of the office environment. The role will focus largely on the training and development of existing workforces. Human resources specialists will find themselves in great demand throughout 2013, as long as they can prove themselves on the job.

Software Developer
As mentioned above, computer systems are becoming ever more pervasive in all aspects of life, whether it is at work, home or in public. The demand for those with the ability to develop software has grown to reflect this change and anyone with the right qualifications and experience should find it easy to get their foot in the door. Whether it is software development for mobile devices, home computers or businesses, a creative mind coupled with good problem-solving skills should result in successful job applications.


Out With the New, In With the Old: Are We Witnessing the Re-Emergence Of the Apprenticeship, Or Just its Watering Down?

>> Saturday, June 8, 2013

We are living in the days of the university; at least we were before the huge rise in tuition fees came along and made attendance at an institution of higher education an unaffordable and unreachable goal for many families.

From 1995 to 2008 the UK's university population doubled, with as many as 40% going into higher education, up from 20%. The numbers are unsurprisingly skewed when it comes to class; in London's upmarket boroughs of Chelsea and Kensington, the figure for young people attending university is closer to the 80% mark.

Unaffordable Fees?

There is obvious outrage at the raising of fees that puts those on average or lower incomes out of the running for places; especially after the huge boost in the last twenty years of university goers and the importance government and the education system seems to place on degrees. There is a question, however, over just how necessary holding a degree is to securing a bright and profitable career.

Figures show that at the end of 2011 almost 19% of those who had graduated in the previous two years were unemployed and 33% of those who had graduated in the last six years were in low-skilled, poor-income jobs. Obviously with so many holding a degree the value has been reduced. Add to this the fact that the majority of degrees are in the arts, a notoriously low-paid work sector, and you begin to see that perhaps holding a degree isn't all it's cracked up to be.

Why do Schools Encourage Further Education?

Schools love it when their pupils go to university. They reference the numbers of their pupils who are admitted with beaming pride, and use those figures as an indicator of their unquestionable success as a learning establishment.

They seem to blindly usher their pupils onto a university application conveyor belt, polishing their smiley young faces as they move along the production line towards higher education while loudspeakers blare the words 'university good!' until it sinks in without question.

 We should be asking some hard questions now:
·         If the market for degrees is so saturated are they becoming increasingly obsolete?
·         If so many degree holders are unemployed after three or four years of hard studying is this the best career path?
·         If they are going to be landing themselves in thousands of pounds worth of debt they will likely struggle to pay back is this a practical choice?
·         What other options should pupils consider?

Other Options

The other options I talk of are entrance into the labour market, and apprenticeships, though after so much weight and grandeur is placed on the holy and exalted degree, pupils are unsurprisingly viewing these 'other options' (not a very catchy or glamorous title for a life choice is it?) as second best. It is also often difficult for young pupils to correctly assess their strong and weak points.

A kid might be infinitely better suited to hands on, interactive learning (a large proportion of us favour learning this way), but see that the mere mention of university puts a smile on the teacher's and family's faces, and seems to be the golden key to the lock of life. He can go three years without applying himself in the direction best suited to him, and end up with a low-skilled job he could have gotten without the degree, along with a mountain of debt.

The Re-Emergence of the Traditional Apprenticeship?

The apprenticeship is a long tradition that has secured skilled work and enduring careers for the youth of Britain long before the degree found prominence amongst the masses. For those that opt into it and learn a trade in detail from the ground up, they are finding themselves considerably better off than a huge proportion of degree holders. Blair's government finally began to take note of this, and started building the case for the apprenticeship once again, something that the current coalition has continued, but to what extent? The figures, upon first inspection look good – around a 70% increase in apprenticeships since the last election.

However, on closer scrutiny the numbers aren't so promising. The notion we have of the apprenticeship as an in-depth learning tool alongside on-the-job experience in a skilled trade seems to account for only one in ten of these so-called apprenticeships, with the other figures spoken for by schemes set up by the service and retail sector, hospitality and catering.

These apprenticeships are mostly level one and two.  This means that the apprentice often only receives a couple of hours a week of off-the-job learning, as opposed to the ten hours a level three apprentice can put down his Bosch multi-tool blades to enjoy. These lower-level 'apprenticeship' schemes receive incentives from government who fund them and are happy to boast the impressive looking figures of increased apprenticeships without providing schemes that enable participants to really benefit and prop themselves up into a well-paid, skilled career.

So companies benefit from a grant, government benefits from impressive figures, but the apprentice winds up in the same, relatively low-skilled work he would have found anyway, with only marginally greater opportunity for advancement. It seems like the apprenticeships of old aren't back to their former glory, which is a sad state of affairs given the other options of low-reward, high-cost degrees and the low-appeal entry level job market school-leavers now face.

Author Bio

William Bancs is a builder by trade who takes on level 3 apprentices who learn how to properly use the full range of Bosch Multitool Blades on their way to becoming fully qualified tradesmen.


Office Lounge

>> Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Waiting for someone or killing your time while it's not yet your cue for interview, whatever it is you'll enjoy sitting in this modern lounge chair perfectly designed for modern day office. With a magazine to read, with your tablet or a net book perhaps you can make your time worthwhile here while looking very chic in this stylish modern unique chair made especially for stylish office too.

Well it can also be perfect for your home when you want something different especially if you have some guests waiting for you. It just caught my attention when I was browsing the net and looking for some unique and creative ideas for office furniture.


Why Protecting Your Business Assets is Important

Many businessmen define a successful business as turning in a profit. But what is the point of that success if it unintentionally disappears in the blink of an eye? Once profit is generated, your success must be shielded and protected, for both business and personal assets. By nature, most entrepreneurs are optimistic, fast moving and risk-tolerant. Yet if you own your own business, everything you've worked so hard to achieve hinges on your ability in protecting your business!

If you can imagine it, then there's a possibility it could happen:

• Accidents wherein a customer or client gets affected – examples: A patron gets sick from food you've prepared. A customer slips and falls in your store. 
• Acts of God or natural calamities example: A massive snowstorm collapses your roof and shuts down business for three days. 
• Accidents that affect your workplace or your employees – examples: Your office building is damaged in a fire. An employee picks up a client from the airport and gets into a car accident on the return trip. 
• Legal liabilities – examples: A former employee sues you for wrongful termination. 

Many business owners either don't think about these possibilities or look at overall expenses and decide they'll take a chance and forego the premiums. But that's a gamble not worth taking. With the right types and amounts of coverage, you can protect your business from being wiped out by any one of these unfortunate scenarios. 

Just look around a business and see what's at stake- everything from furniture to fixtures, office equipment, supplies, inventory, and other assets. They all amount to a significant investment, so protecting them from loss, damage, or theft just makes good business sense.


Business Protection

Although insurance needs vary widely from one business to another, a business protection plan in summary does this for your business: 

• Protect your profits
• Safeguard your employees and their jobs
• Loan protection
• Key man/ key person cover


Examples of Business Insurance or Protection

• Liability insurance protects your business from lawsuits related to property damage or injuries suffered by someone else, for which you are held responsible. 
• Business owner coverage combines property insurance and general liability insurance into one package. It's an affordable way to protect your business, although some of the coverages are limited.
• Business income insurance ensures that you get paid even if you lose income as a result of damage that temporarily shuts down or limits your business-such as a collapsed roof or computer system outage. 

About the Author:
Martha Blythe is a struggling entrepreneur. One of the very first things she did when she was setting up her business was to get a business protection plan. 


Human Resources Management Degree for Your Career

I’ve worked for 8 years handling human resources in two of the companies I was employed in the past but the fact is I don’t have degree in that particular field. I was just trained to do personnel works by the HR consultant and she trusted my capabilities to do the job well through work experience. True enough I was able to learn my way through my tasks and handled human resources department in the absence of our consultant who finds her way into working abroad. When my next employment came in I was also assigned to handle HR department as part of my administrative and logistics work. 

I must admit I’m a little soft for the position because I really find it hard to reprimand employees when they’re not following some office guidelines. My worst task is sending termination notice to employees because it’s hard to say that they don’t have jobs anymore. Well anyway it’s just part of my early years in human resources as I’ve come to learn the ropes and was able to perform my duties well. My colleagues told me that I have organizational skills and abilities to work in details and I just have to learn some more like taking associates degree human resources we found online. 

More often we just have to know our abilities and strengths and we can use it to enhance our work by undergoing skills training which is what human resources management degree can give you. It will give you a chance to have expertise in human resource functions, identify and deal with employee relations issues, be skilled in hiring, supervising and training employees and best of all understand employment laws and labor relations. After you finished your associate’s degree it will make a way for better opportunities and managerial positions in the future.


Working Table for Men

>> Saturday, June 1, 2013

When I'm working I want to do it on my favorite mahogany home office table because I'm not just comfortable with it but it looks good as well.  It has the drawers I need for my office accessories and its size is just enough for my need.  I bought my table at the office near our church.  They left their office furniture to the owner of the building and my church mate who works on the building let me buy some furniture at affordable price.  

Now I need another table for my husband's working table also and this Aviator Wing Desk caught my eye as it's so masculine and elegant perfect as working table for men.  It will suit any home office environment and will go well with any colors and furniture of the house.  As we're both working at home the desk will go perfectly with my own home office table. How about you? What's your preference for working table?


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