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>> Tuesday, June 4, 2013

I’ve worked for 8 years handling human resources in two of the companies I was employed in the past but the fact is I don’t have degree in that particular field. I was just trained to do personnel works by the HR consultant and she trusted my capabilities to do the job well through work experience. True enough I was able to learn my way through my tasks and handled human resources department in the absence of our consultant who finds her way into working abroad. When my next employment came in I was also assigned to handle HR department as part of my administrative and logistics work. 

I must admit I’m a little soft for the position because I really find it hard to reprimand employees when they’re not following some office guidelines. My worst task is sending termination notice to employees because it’s hard to say that they don’t have jobs anymore. Well anyway it’s just part of my early years in human resources as I’ve come to learn the ropes and was able to perform my duties well. My colleagues told me that I have organizational skills and abilities to work in details and I just have to learn some more like taking associates degree human resources we found online. 

More often we just have to know our abilities and strengths and we can use it to enhance our work by undergoing skills training which is what human resources management degree can give you. It will give you a chance to have expertise in human resource functions, identify and deal with employee relations issues, be skilled in hiring, supervising and training employees and best of all understand employment laws and labor relations. After you finished your associate’s degree it will make a way for better opportunities and managerial positions in the future.


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