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>> Sunday, April 26, 2009

During my 16 years of stay in my present employer. I’ve attended various training mostly in the latter part of my employment starting in the mid of 2000. Being an Admin/HR officer required me to search for training agency that will execute seminars and training modules to our employees especially those assigned in one of the major international banks in the country in Asian Development Bank. We’re a service provider and contractor there and our contract necessitates us to conduct training for our employees regularly on a yearly interval, of course I’m responsible in assisting the project manager and trainors on the corporate training.

It was always a good experience for me every time we held seminars because it gives me a chance to attend too. On the following seminars preceding the first we received various offers from other companies wanting to conduct seminars on us, some are popular and others are just the regular freelancer. Most of them just emailed their proposals. I’ve received one offer about corporate training video production and we’ve yet to discuss if the owner will choose that one. It would be nice to have it of course for a change!

Generally all these seminars added to my portfolio and being one of the attendees I had the opportunity to experience and learn many facets of work related seminars such as team management, personality development, handling staff, work etiquette, telephone etiquette, speech development and motivating minds. I know all of these will help me a lot to be more productive and goal-oriented in my work.


Summer Camp Day1 – Communion and Feet Washing

After the morning and afternoon service we had our communion followed by feet washing. Ed led the first part of the service continued by the relevant message from our Pastor discussing vital importance of having communion and what the Christians would do before entering communion. That is – we should finish all misunderstandings with your loved ones and friends. We should have a light heart devoid of ill-feeling, hatred, worries and other thoughts and things that would make our heart heavy with burdens.

Feet washing on the other hand displays the person’s humility as washing your brethren’s feet and praying for each other can only be done if you have a humble heart.

We felt God’s presence during that special service and everyone felt renewed and light-hearted.

Bonfire and grilling barbeque followed after.


Dealing With Taxes

My work primarily deals with finances and administration and though the company is just a small telecommunications corporation still confidentiality regarding finance is of utmost importance especially with me as I handle all collections and settlements. I’m handling the supervision of our accounting department and that requires me to oversee payroll, accounts payables, benefits, incentives and other accounting areas.

But if you’ll ask me I’m not really a graduate of accountancy but have finished a degree in computer engineering, an accounting associate close friend of mine just thought me a lot when the company was just starting and when she left I was left to take over her job. It’s alright for me to do these things except tax matter so I let our bookkeeper and auditor take charge of our corporate and individual employees’ taxes. Our auditor advises us to be careful about deadlines and due dates as we wouldn’t want the company to have penalty charges.

I’ve heard some cases of artists with the BIR regarding their taxes and I’m wondering why such cases happen as they have their own accountant to plan their property and professional taxes. They should have hired a competent person to do the job accurately like San Diego California tax law attorney who are well versed in property tax and all other kinds of taxes, just what everyone needs to satisfy their legal and finance requirements. It’s very important to hire someone who has the capabilities to fix all your financial and tax problems, it somehow put your mind at rest that no government tax agency will charge you of anything. It’s better to pay all our dues to them to prevent future humiliation and distress just like what happened to some artists who had to endure bad news and court case.


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