Benefits of Attending Training

>> Sunday, April 26, 2009

During my 16 years of stay in my present employer. I’ve attended various training mostly in the latter part of my employment starting in the mid of 2000. Being an Admin/HR officer required me to search for training agency that will execute seminars and training modules to our employees especially those assigned in one of the major international banks in the country in Asian Development Bank. We’re a service provider and contractor there and our contract necessitates us to conduct training for our employees regularly on a yearly interval, of course I’m responsible in assisting the project manager and trainors on the corporate training.

It was always a good experience for me every time we held seminars because it gives me a chance to attend too. On the following seminars preceding the first we received various offers from other companies wanting to conduct seminars on us, some are popular and others are just the regular freelancer. Most of them just emailed their proposals. I’ve received one offer about corporate training video production and we’ve yet to discuss if the owner will choose that one. It would be nice to have it of course for a change!

Generally all these seminars added to my portfolio and being one of the attendees I had the opportunity to experience and learn many facets of work related seminars such as team management, personality development, handling staff, work etiquette, telephone etiquette, speech development and motivating minds. I know all of these will help me a lot to be more productive and goal-oriented in my work.


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