Summer Camp Day 2–Our Last Day

>> Monday, April 27, 2009

Day 2 brought us more blessings spiritually starting from day dawn service at 5am among the ministers. They successfully held ‘Disciples Prayers’ which made them all feel very close to each other and to God. We all know that the distance to God is just a prayer away so prayer is really that powerful. All burdens unloaded, personal problems solved and worries gone. They prayed for the whole church and for each other’s ministry.

Morning service was flooded by testimonies from youth, elders, ministers and mothers like me. Some brought tears and most brought more encouragement to trust our life to God. I had my own testimony that happened just before the service.

Pastor asked to go to Mrs. Dominga to give the full payment for the hall that we rented. Before I even approached her she was smiling to me as she excitedly told me that it’s their first time to have 4 customers all at the same time who are all born-again Christians. She even asked me if I promoted her place to my website because there’s one customer that told her that he found the place in a website and been encouraged to rent it for fellowship service. Glad my sis Redge and my site were able to help her in our own way but the truth is God has helped them because her villa has been used as fellowship place to glorify His name.

We felt that two days fellowship service is kinda short for us. After the afternoon service we felt like we should have made this a 3-day affair and planned to make it longer next time. We’ve made reservations for December 2009 camp meeting fellowship and we’ll make sure it will be a longer period of camp meeting fellowship. We arrived home safe and very blessed. God is so good….


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