Preventing Viruses in Work Environment

>> Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Since my work always include using computer for my job responsibilities it is important for me to care and maintain my pc for whatever virus or malfunction it would encounter. It’s hard to use a slow and infected computer in your work because it will definitely affect your efficiency as well. I’m actually on the search now for a reliable software that will free all our computers from virus attacks. It’s not surprising nowadays if your computer is infected because it easily spreads if you have a network that passes not only needed files but the viruses as well. 

The same incident happened to our office and we find it hard to eradicate viruses completely because it’s already in our network. Some laptops were already reformatted but the viruses keep coming back to them. Now I’m looking into this virus scanner at where they diagnose viruses for cleaning up. They have different softwares for specific requirements in maintaining your computer virus free like system mechanic, system shield, search and recover and a lot more. It’s normal for computers to slowly degrade upon months and years of usage but we should care and maintain to maximize pc usage.


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