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>> Saturday, November 10, 2012

A company needs a good marketing strategy in order to promote their products and services. This is very important especially for starting up companies who needs to make their products known to target clients. Since I joined a pioneering company that sells telecommunication equipment I was involved in our plan to think of ways on how we can market and advertise our products. Some of our Telco partners suggested that we join trade show exhibits so people can see what we have to offer and we did last summer.

We put up a nice booth on the said trade show with our best products like gateway equipment, network attached storage and ip pbx all-in-one office solution on exhibits. It was a nice experience and exposure for us and we also saw other innovative products which run from technology products, electronic appliances, furniture, internet solutions, copying machines, computers, corporate giveaways and a lot more. 

It was a two-day exhibit affair and we had a lot of interested customers to whom we explained the usage and value of our products. Our Israeli supplier happened to visit us at that time and he dropped by to join and see how our products are promoted. I was in-charge of our corporate giveaways and freebies and I’ve searched for online suppliers who can give us competitive price and fast delivery time.

I was given choices of custom coffee mugs, pens, key chains, umbrellas and some other products that can be given to our prospective clients. We’ve ordered a lot to avail of their pricing matrix and until now we’ve got more than half of what we’ve ordered. We actually envisioned future uses for the giveaways so it’s alright to have them in bulk. 

Now that holiday season is coming near I don’t have to order too many freebies because our stocks will do for our giveaways. Well if you’re thinking of promotional products or corporate giveaways that will surely help you advertise your products you can search for more depending on your requirements and needs. You can find plenty of suggestions like lunch bags, sanitizers, usb flash drives, shirts, tumblers, sunglasses, calendars, tote bags and more. Visit them online and get ready for the holidays.


Getting a Power Nap from Work

Source: via Race on Pinterest

Do you find it hard to sleep in the middle the night when you're doing multiple tasks?  Well I've experienced this when I was included in the technical proposal team that stays overtime and overnight for three consecutive days with only 1-2 hours sleep at dawn.  I had a bad sleeping habit that if I want to sneak a sleep I couldn't do so because I always find it hard to get it in the middle of pile of works. 

Now this will help people like me as when you put your head into it you'll surely be apart from others.  It's an ostrich pillow patterned after the ostrich's way of burying their heads into the sand when they're frightened or scared.  Well this one will help you to have a power nap without leaving your work, chair and table. Then after the much-needed nap you can get on to your work as easy as removing your head from the pillow.  Will try this one!


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