Printed Boxes for Old Documents

>> Thursday, February 25, 2010

Our house needs general cleaning and inventory of furniture, books and many old things from the past. It was a renovated ancestral house so it contains all the old documents, paintings and every little thing that remained from the past. To do all cleaning and sorting out I think I’ll a week or two because I can’t do it on a full time basis as I have my work too. I’ll be doing what I’ve done when I resigned from my job. I bought some printed boxes and put all the past years’ important documents and labeled each box I’ve completed for easy handling and storage. Well when it comes to sorting things up I can be depended upon.


Reserving Venue for Graduation

My friend and parent president for the graduating class of SJES dropped by the house and showed me the venue pictures she found for us to hire. It’s just one village away from the school and the fee is so low. The place is big enough for 500 persons which includes students and parents/guardians. The gymnasium which was used by the previous graduates was now being occupied by the victims of the big flood and they still live there so that left us with no choice but to find a big place for the event. The school’s new stage and ground can’t accommodate the needed 500 plus seats so Janet has to secure another place. We’ll just wait for the fixed graduation date to keep things moving. Meanwhile Janet has already reserved the last week of March then we’ll set a meeting for the whole PTA graduation officers and that’s it!


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