The Air That We Breathe

>> Monday, August 9, 2010

Nowadays we should make our own move towards clean and healthy living to prevent us and our family from getting sick. We should start it in the environment that we’re exposed to and inside our homes where we spend most of our time. We need air to breathe and the quality of air we breathe declares some of our health condition. Sometimes we’re only aware of the pollution outside our homes that we neglect checking up our indoor environment which is often more polluted than we think. We can’t see the microscopic particles that cause growth of bacteria which causes skin and respiratory diseases. So we should find a good air purifier to clean the polluted indoor air in our house to prevent sickness from coming into our homes.

Clean air means healthy living. If polluted air will endanger our family’s health I think we should make necessary steps and precautionary measures to ensure safety in our own house by installing purifiers like portable air cleaner and some other types fitted to your needs. I visited Rabbit Air and particularly liked the Minus A2 Air Purifiers Artist Series which would perfectly fit my needs with 4 choices of customized filter, BioGS HEPA filtration, washable pre-filter and interchangeable faceplate skins.


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