:Food Friday - Banana-Q

>> Friday, November 27, 2009

I've posted here one of Pinoy's favorite everyday snack 'banana-q' and almost everyone love it or other saba banana variations such as maruja, turon and saba fritters. Sometimes they cooked saba in caramel syrup and put milk and crushed ice to make Saba con Hielo. It's easy to do this one as you'll only deep fry banana in oil and put brown sugar in it until it gets syrup and covered the whole banana. Then just put a stick in the center and voila you have a yummy banana-q!

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Advertising at Its Best

>> Wednesday, November 25, 2009

In business we exert our best efforts and spend our hard-earned money for it to reach success. But it’s not all efforts and money that makes successful business. One of the most effective ways of making our business known together with its products and services are called marketing and advertising. Without it our products will not be known to clients and it will not be given a chance to be promoted. We need it for our own financial success so our investment will not be put to waste. It’s one of the essentials of business. We know that even the most popular products need to be advertised every now and then just to be promoted and known.

Nowadays internet through online advertising has played an important role in promoting our business because it has been tested to reach a great percentage of customers. I’ve browsed online for companies that will help in advertising and I came upon Status Media which helps primarily in reaching the customers through online lead generation that’s proven to provide a way for acquiring leads which will give you a good return of investment.

With their services like cpa networks you can be assured of an increase in sales by up to hundred percent more. Well that’s a great advertising to think of and you can advertise through different medium according to your specific requirements be it banner ads, video or other form of rich media such as leaderboards, contextual advertising, social media, facebook and many others.

Among the channels that will benefit from this kind of advertising are Health and Beauty, Insurance, Finance, Travel, Insurance and many others. With Status Media’s range of cpa networks like email marketing, online lead generation and banner advertising the business’ target customers will be a reality especially with their planned sales development. For those interested to gain sales in their business you can visit their site now, email and ask for a free quotation. Start reaching your goals now!


Patience and Temperance Helped Me

>> Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Most of the times we really need to stay cool whenever hot situation arises. I just don’t know why some people don’t know the proper ethics of good manners in corporate environment. I dislike people who don’t have backbones to stand to their mistakes and blame on innocent people who are not anymore in the loop... During my employment days I always tell my staff not to put blame on others who were not anymore employed in the company whenever they were put into not-so good situation with the boss. It’s alright to mention responsibilities but to completely put the blame on resigned employees is a no-no. They should take responsibilities for their job and if it’s not their fault try to think of ways to explain to superiors that it’s not them who handled it but will try to solve the problem in whatever way you can possibly do.

In my several years of working I can’t remember a single situation where I put my colleague in a bad light especially with my boss as sometimes your jurisdiction may tarnish an innocent person. We should be careful with the words we say because it might ruin someone’s reputation and if the words were said already you can’t put it back. With situation like this I really need patience and temperance to guide my thoughts as I’m only human and as a human I can’t stop myself from feeling hurt and disappointed over trusted colleagues that let me down.


Spend Your Vacation in Egypt!

>> Monday, November 23, 2009

My SIL is a very hardworking woman and after a year-long overwork she would spend vacation on wherever her fancies may take her. Because she lives in Great Britain and she miss the tropical country where she was born she always spend her vacation by the beach mostly here in the Philippines or in some countries with splendid beach vacation package. She loves traveling to different places where she can really see magnificent view and rest her tired body in a beach vacation house. I keep thinking that maybe all working individuals are the same in some ways that after working so hard they really need some break from it.

It’s a kind of relaxation for employees and workers when they spend some days or week away from the bustling city of business districts. Since we can’t have full resting time in our house we should take our vacation away from home. I learned from SIL that it’s great to spend vacation in Egypt as the weather there is great with an all-year round sunshine and plenty of tourist spots. Actually they’ve spent a month vacation there four years ago and been planning to be back again. Anyway you can take advantage of their cheap Egypt Holidays when you booked for May, June, November and December. You can be sure to have affordable flights and accommodations.

There are many ways on how you can keep within your budget limit as it’s very affordable to eat in the restaurants there. You can just book for just a bed and your breakfast and spend the whole day and evening visiting valley of the kings, the very famous Pyramids of Egypt and have dinner in superb rest. If you’re the sporty type you can join the golf courses or have some scuba diving. Great vacation for all types of people. Well just visit ULookUBook and book your dream Eqypt holiday now!


:Food Friday - Coleslaw

>> Friday, November 20, 2009

Let's get healthy this week as my entry today is coleslaw salad, a combination of cabbage, mayonnaise, dash of salt, pinch of pepper with toppings of cucumber and tomatoes. Hmmm this is so good for me especially after eating fried chicken, it's as if I'm eating in fastfood resto where you can have this as side dish. Btw you can add variations to mayo if you want to further improve it.

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Car Problem

>> Thursday, November 19, 2009

We’re having second thoughts on our car mechanic because he just keeps on delaying our schedule for the car repair. I really want to know if he’s going to repair our car or we’ll just have other repair shop pick it up. Days are quickly passing by and we need it in good shape for our long travel for December camp meeting. I also need it to be ready for its yearly auto insurance early next year. I’m discussing this problem with my sister and hubby and they agreed to have the car picked up by another repair shop though it’s more expensive that way.


:Thursday Challenge - "Music"

"MUSIC" (Guitar, Playing an Instrument, Things that make sounds, iPods,
Sheet Music, Noisy Things,...)

This is my entry for this week's theme of Thursday Challenge's Music. This is a wooden statue of a Filipino native playing a native musical instrument made of bamboo. The natives don't buy musical instruments in the past, if they want to have music they make their own musical instruments which for me is very ingenius and resourceful.

This shot was taken in the entrance area of Manila Zoo during my daughters' educational tour.

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Bathroom Suite Stock Clearance Sale

>> Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I’ve always wanted a nice and comfortable bathroom in our house; after all it’s the room for comfort so we might as well look for convenient and cozy room. Just as soon as I have the money and time I consulted my engineer brother to renovate our very old bathroom so we can have additional one to our existing bathroom facilities. I wanted something that combines style, comfort and quality so I asked the help of my brother in choosing all the necessary toilet bowls, shower systems, lavatory, fixtures and accessories.

Of course we went together to shop for the bathroom items to carefully choose what’s best for our design. I’m glad that I came with him as I saw the store he frequents whenever he needs complete items for the bathrooms he’s constructing on his residential building projects. Now our new bathroom is finished and even though we spent some money on it I know it’s worth it as the finished project is stylish and comfortable with all fittings for taps completely installed.

If you’re also planning to build or renovate your bathroom you can visit BetterBathrooms.com where the widest array of bathroom products such bathroom suites, furniture, shower systems, taps and all things needed in the bathroom were offered. There’s always one style and design to fit your specific requirements so there’s nothing to worry about especially if you’re looking for an affordable bathroom suite that would fit your bathroom and the size of your room. It’s guaranteed to be of good quality aside from being affordable.

Now they offer some fantastic deals and discounts in their stock clearance sale of bathroom suites with prices of up to 55% off RRP. And one more exciting addition is an extra 20% off on bathroom tiles if you buy one of their bathroom suites so you’ll not only getting quality here but affordable price also. Can you beat that? Super best deals!


10 Things You Wish You Knew How to Do

  1. Sing like an angel
  2. Play guitar and piano
  3. Web design
  4. Paint like an artist
  5. Cook like a culinary expert (I'm good in cooking but I want more)
  6. Sew dresses for my kids
  7. Live without coffee and chocolate
  8. Be a professional photographer
  9. Swim like an olympic swimmer
  10. Drive a car in the expressway


Bad TV Reception

>> Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I’m not satisfied with our television’s reception and images now especially on the local channels because when we switched it to cable shows it produce clearer images. When I had our cable connection checked the repair man told us that it’s not their company’s fault but it’s our television defect. He checked it and found out that one tiny wire was pulled out from the connecting wire to cable connection. Anyway it must have been pulled out by me when I rushed to save our tvs from big September flood that happened in our place. I was rushing then so I didn’t noticed that I pulled pretty hard. Anyway it’s better than letting it soaked under the water.


CNN Heroes

>> Monday, November 16, 2009

We were watching ABS CBN news about our very own Efren Peñaflorida making it to the top ten of CNN Heroes when my lil' boy was asking me what CNN Heroes are. He only knows national heroes and his favorite heroes like Batman, Spiderman and Superman. I told him those people are the real alive heroes of our times who do extraordinary things and gone out of their way to help people especially those who need it the most. The news include teaching the viewers how they can access the site and how to vote.

Of course I was touched by Efren's story of educating the streetchildren by way of mobile school. He chose to educate the children in the slum areas. As my Mom was a retired teacher I know fully well the sacrifices of teachers and this one is way beyond the normal ones. Of course I voted for Efren Peñaflorida though I appreciate all the extraordinary people who top the CNN Heroes' list alongside Efren. Anyway here are the complete list of nominees:

1. Brad Blauser
2. Jordan Thomas
3. Doc Hendley
4. Jorge Munoz
5. Budi Soehardi
6. Roy Foster
7. Betty Makoni
8. Andrea Ivory
9. Derrick Tabb
10.Efren Peñaflorida

They're all heroes and winners for me. I just have to vote for which I think is the best. For the top ten's heroic deeds visit CNN.


Inexpensive and Natural

>> Saturday, November 14, 2009

I’ve found a way on how to manage my excess pounds, avoid constipation and lower my cholesterol level. It’s inexpensive and a natural way of burning fats. What I’m talking about is the fruit diet I’ve discovered not only now but few years ago. The only thing that limited me in the past into having diet was my busy schedule at work.

Now that I’m working at home I get the chance of looking for my favorite fruits just around the community I lived in which I fondly called my supplier. It’s where I get my supply of mangoes, banana, papaya and pineapple. Few weeks ago I’ve been thinking of a fast weight loss that would lessened my super big tummy because I’ve been receiving questions if I’m pregnant. I’m not that bothered about it except when it affects my health so before that happens I changed my eating habit and my choice of food. Another good thing is drinking coffee once a day only as I replaced it with tea, well not so delicious but healthy indeed.


:Food Friday - Banana Heart Lumpia

>> Friday, November 13, 2009

I've tasted variety of lumpia because my Mom used to experiment almost everything to make lumpia out of the many kinds of food available. Mom has done lumpiang shanghai, togue, tuna, lumpiang tuna, assorted veggies, corned beef and many others but she didn't cooked us a dish like the one above. The picture was one of the presented nutritious food for the Linggo ng Wika and it's called Banana Heart Lumpia. The menu together with banana heart burger won the first place.

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Controlling the Crowd

I went to supermarket yesterday to buy some house essentials and replenish our food stocks. I’m doing it weekly now unlike before when I was working that I buy groceries semi-monthly. It’s easier to stock food weekly and economical too. Anyway I was surprised at the crowd that greets me when I entered the supermarket. It was late in the afternoon and maybe some office employees have already withdrawn their salaries for the pay period. That should explain the unexpected crowd I met. I should have made it earlier because I was also in a hurry.

I waited in line and been watching how the barricades have been so effective in controlling the people in line when a fast approaching lady went directly in front of me not minding the queue of people behind her. She apologized suddenly when we stared at her and plead to be attended first because she was in a hurry, who isn’t? I was expecting that the stanchions would be a sign to everyone to be disciplined in waiting in line. I surmised not all people can really follow rules and regulations 100%. I’m disappointed because I like everything in order and in control.

I was thinking that perhaps there should be a sign that will somehow manage crowd control as some people can’t follow what the barriers were trying to imply to people. Signs are as important as stanchions, barricades and velvet rope in controlling crowds. It can be an added reminder to those who doesn’t care to wait for their turn. But generally all of it is a great help in guiding people on where to wait in line and in managing people who are crowding themselves in line. It’s even better if they visit Camelback’s crowd control products which showcase various helpful products in public guidance like velvet rope, security and traffic barricades, safety and crowd barriers, stanchions and all of Lavi products. Supermarkets, banks and other establishment that usually entertains crowd should check out their site to choose from their range of quality products.


My Travel Horoscope

You Should Travel Around the World

When you travel, you want to experience the journey as much as the destination.
You want a vacation that really immerses you in a culture.

You should travel:

By train, across all of Asia
With the Peace Corps
As a foreign language teacher
On an around the world ticket
Spending a few months in one place


Best Marketing Strategy

>> Thursday, November 12, 2009

With the highest technology we have now you have to know what really will make your business be known to everyone. Most business now has their own websites to promote their products and sell online as well. It’s important to have your own site because it’s one good form of advertising your products or services. And to promote it effectively you need to have a good search engine that will help your site be searched and surfed.

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is one of the best marketing strategies you can have for your chosen business. It is proven more effective than any other. Not even PPC Campaign Management will surpass the effectiveness it brings to the site’s traffic. Though PPC can also drive website traffic to your blog it will not give you the most profit or return of investment you wanted. In view of this you can choose Globe Runner to be the search engine of your site because it provides the best SEO consultants who will help you build your online business by finding the right marketing strategies and plans that will best suit your company’s products. It will help you increase your ranks, build links, improve your visitor’s statistics and advertise your products at reasonable price. Check out globerunnerseo.com and learn many things about them.


My Worry Factor is 15%

Your Worry Factor is 15%

You hardly ever worry. In fact, you often feel like you don't have a care in the world.

It's not that your life is magically easy. You just don't dwell on worse case scenarios.

You figure that you'll be able to handle whatever life throws at you.

No use worrying about what could go wrong, especially when so much is going right!


Keeping Our Homes Secured

Home is where our heart is and all of the things that matter to us are all in there. We make it the most comfortable and coziest place to rest from the chaos of the outside world. It is also the first place that we feel very safe to stay for unlimited time. But are we safe in our house? When we talk of safety I’m sure all of us would agree that all of us would always prioritize our family’s well-being and safety no matter how. We should always be aware of who’s coming in our house or getting maid or nanny services from reliable source. It’s very important to know the applicants’ background before hiring them as they can bring trouble in our homes if we didn’t checked their true identity.

It’s best to check and think first before trusting strangers to get near our door. Since our house is in national road there are lots of incidents that strangers managed to get inside our house. Worst thing is it brings so much nervousness in my Mom that she always wants our doors closed especially now that our fences need to be reconstructed and it’s not yet secured. Just two weeks ago when we left for our Sunday fellowship the junk buyers stole the sack of steel we left by our back door. Frustrating as it was we can’t do anything about it. We can’t even have them blottered as there’s no evidence that can pinpoint the junk buyers’robbers. Now our family and our relatives living within the same compound added some security measures on how to prevent strangers from coming inside the compound and we hope that we’ll be secured from thieves now.

Well other people will not only add security measures by their own but will try to install more advanced gadget to protect their home and family. So for people who wants an advanced kind of security there’s a site that can give you home security resources. You can visit home security comparison site where you can find all information on how to get a good home security service. I’ve read all the tips myself and I learned the different equipment offered by security companies to ensure safety of their clients. I’m glad that I learned a lot from them. You can learn also and be safe!


:WW - Fountains

>> Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Click image to enlarge!

I always love looking at fountains and every time I see one I would pause and stare not for seconds but for as long as time will allow. My kids love looking at fountains also and wished that they can play with it :-). Here's the fountain near the entrance of Enchanted Kingdom, the first thing that I noticed when we entered the park. See my other entry - Dogs' Playground

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Customized and Funny Bumper Stickers

I like looking at beautiful cars and I’m eyes are always attracted to car’s accessories especially if it’s unique. I don’t want accessories that almost all have it in their cars, I want something unique. In our own car we accessorize the interior with cute items that my kids like but outside I’ve been thinking of a different one that will look something original. No I’m not that choosy about accessories I just want fresh ideas that’s all.

Speaking of fresh ideas about accessories I found something that really caught my attention. It’s about having customized bumper stickers that will be designed according to your personal specifications, personalized designs to fit the owner’s likings. Perfect for those who want to be unique and original in their own way? I had a great time visiting and viewing those online samples of funny bumper stickers which can stretch your smile to a laughter. It’s really funny and most are quite true. I love those customized funny bumper stickers and I’m now thinking what design I can possibly have for our own bumper sticker.


Rush and Get Ready!

I should be rushing now to finish all my tasks as we’re going to be early for our weekly Wednesday bible study. Josh disciplined himself to sleep for many hours after lunch because that’s the only way that I’ll bring him with me. We finish our bible study around 10pm so it’s just right that he’ll have his sleep in the afternoon. I advised my former office that I’ll not be able to drop by as my companion has slept so soundly. I planned earlier to drop by to pick up some important certificates before going to our church. Well that will wait for next week; important thing is to get things ready now for bible study as it’ll take us less than one hour to be there.


Dark Circles Around My Eyes

>> Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I’ve written in my other blog that I’m having a bad schedule these days because I can only concentrate on my blog in the evening up to dawn. Now I’ve finally came back to my day blogging because the renovation is finished already and I had some nice sleep for three nights. I had to return to my day blogging because I developed dark circle around my eyes and no amount of fresh cucumber can remedy my problem. I really have to get longer hours of sleep to prevent dark circle from forming around my eyes or I’ll need some good creams to erase the dark spots.


How Should I De-stress?

>> Monday, November 9, 2009

You Should Write in a Journal

Part of what's stressing you out right now is not having all your thoughts sorted out.
There's a lot of confusion and chaos going on, and you need to get a handle on it all. And there's no better way to do that than to start writing.

At first your journal make not make sense to you, but that's okay. Just writing things down will help you.
Over time, you'll find that it's great to have an outlet to think, vent, and dream without judgment. Just make sure to put a lock on that journal!

So if you feel you want to de-stress try this quick blogthings quiz and find out for yourself.


Standing Up Heavy Rains

After two weeks of continuous raining I noticed that our gutters are not functioning well because of some leaks. Gutter system is very important as it controls the water from the roof down to drainage. It should make the water come down as quickly as possible so it will not overflow. Since the rainy season is not yet finished I’ll have it checked and repaired immediately. Well our gutters are old enough to retire so I might as well look for replacement in case our maintenance man declared it not fit for repair.

I’ve seen some gutter system like ours and many seems to fail in filtering debris which results in clogging up. Oh well if I will replace my Gutter Guard I’ll choose a one-piece system like that of LeafGuard gutter system as it has no movable parts that will loosen up, solid seamless hood and can handle over 21 inches of rainwater’s per hour. Wow! I liked that performance and strength for our gutter system. And because it’s a one-piece system it prevents dry leaves and debris from entering the gutter from behind.

I’ve browsed some of their installations like Gutters Virginia Beach and was impressed that their gutter guard is not only strong and performs well but looks great also. Gutters come in various choices of colors and it’s sure to give beauty on every installed home. And with this kind of gutters you need not worry about water damage on your house or hiring someone to clean it every now and then. This gutter will run clog free always.


Monday Sickness!

My my! Monday sickness is hitting me again; I’m so lazy and nappy today. All I can afford to do right now is to visit my fave blogs and to drop ec. Sometimes it’s good this way as I get to see and read interesting blogs and posts. I even added some to my entrecard existing lists. This is good for my traffic but not for my online tasks as I have few critical tasks today. Critical because it’s big lol! If I’ll stay this way the whole day I’ll be wasting some nice opportunities so I’d better be changing my moods. How about you are you having some Monday sickness?

glitter-graphics.com image by babypunk


Love Taking Pictures of Babies

>> Saturday, November 7, 2009

Baby Princess, daughter of my niece turned 5 months last week and because of busy schedule I forgot to take a shot of her. Since she’s 2 months old I always snap a shot of her pretty face and put it in my PC album. It’s nice having her as a model even though at first she didn’t know how to smile at me. Now every time I bring out my Canon camera she will smile at me. Maybe she feel excited when she heard the camera clicking and snapping. I just love taking pictures especially when my subject is babies.


:Food Friday - Chicken Afritada

>> Friday, November 6, 2009

Chicken afritada is one of my favorite dishes and when I'm conscious of my health I don't mix chicken wings into this dish, I just used chicken breast to limit the skins of chicken which is not so conducive to health. Anyway I like to cook afritada with pure fresh tomatoes rather than tomato sauce but when I cook 5 kilos for our bible study I find it easier to use tomato sauce as it will last longer than using the fresh ones. We eat at 10pm on our bible study so it's best not to use fresh tomatoes.

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Best Protection from UV Rays

We have news about health that the rays of sun past beyond morning is hazardous to our health that’s why we refrain from taking the babies out in the sun after 8am. Living in a tropical country with plenty of sunshine most of the days in a year we take precautions every time we go out especially at noontime and afternoon where the sun is shining out so brightly because the UV rays is known to cause some hazards. We always get protection from buildings and houses to be not so exposed with sun rays. That’s why it’s good to select the materials for our windows because it can protect us from the harmful rays of the sun. And the best material for our windows is window film.

I’ve learned that window film is stronger compared to windows made of glass. And because it cools the heat coming from outside it will save you a lot in your cooling expenses. Even if it’s hot outside your interior is cooler. You can use it also in your own residences for protection of your interior area and in your own car where it will help in blocking out the damaging rays of the sun. It’s nice to know that using California Window Film by campbellfilm.com can give us safety from the harmful effects of sun. Experience the protection you’ll get from these and enjoy the savings in cooling and heating costs. Now start choosing the size and the class type you want and order it online! It’s that easy!


The Wedding Cake Test

You Are a Laid Back Wedding

For you, love is uncomplicated and simple. When you love someone, your feelings toward them are pure... you love deeply.
To be unloved wouldn't change you much, you truly love with no expectations in return.

Romantic love is the ultimate expression of the love you have for other people. It's like your regular love, except a lot stronger.
When you find your soulmate, you love that person as is. You firmly believe that love isn't about trying to change people.


The Key to a Safe and Enjoyable Trip

>> Thursday, November 5, 2009

It’s still another month and few more weeks before our camp meeting and as early as now I can feel the excitement of our four-day camp meeting in Villa Dominga. We had a final meeting last Sunday and we summarized all needed things to bring and to prepare for. It’s the longest camp meeting ever as we’ve only spent three days on our previous fellowships on camps. It’s also a test of endurance for us to sleep on tents for four days, to plan for our four-day meals, to prepare messages, to be able to list activities for youth and children that will last for four days and many other things. This camp will be the longest and hopefully the most fulfilling one.

We’re fixing our car now for this camp meeting but we’re having arrangement with our church mates in case the car will not be good for long travel. Yes we’re having long travel on our fellowship so we better have good assessment of the car that we’re going to use. Long travels should be carefully planned for so you’ll have a safe and enjoyable trip all throughout the journey. Of course an experienced driver and a well maintained vehicle is the key to that like that of the service of New York Bus Charter which caters to those who want to have the best sights and sounds of New York City.

Traveling around New York and seeing the best places around it can be truly an exciting tour when you booked for NYC Bus Charters as they provide the best quality coaches and experienced drivers to keep you comfortable and safe during the tours. Renting a bus from them can give you competitive price especially when you booked a group package for your friends, family or company to go around the Big Apple. And if you’re getting married you can even get a good package for the whole wedding entourage. Check them out at nycbuscharters.com to get details of their schedules and fees


Fixing My Layout

I was surprised when I opened this blog and found my side layout on the lower part of my blog. My side bar consists of everything aside from the posts. When I browse further I saw all my gadgets at the bottom. It includes my profile, shoutbox, blogroll, adsense, alexa, feeder, technorati, link ads, archives, feedjit and all. I'm perfectly sure I didn't changed anything but now it's all in chaos, I think it's a bug. Anyway I'm changing my layout now and it will take me an hour or two to fix it. I still have to complete my sleep but I can't now as I have to prioritize this. Please bear with me.


Controlling and Guiding the Crowd

>> Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I went to my bank yesterday and was surprised at the long lines that accumulated from lunch until afternoon. I came one hour before the closing hours of the bank hoping people are fewer during those hours. I was wrong because the automated teller machine has malfunctioned and those people who want to withdraw cash will have to do it inside the bank over the counter. I’m just lucky that the bank happens to be my mother branch so I can withdraw some cash even without my passbook. I noticed that from the person who is currently having transaction I’m the 10th in line so I really have to wait in long line. Nothing to do but wait I noticed the railings of the bank and it was quite new, a more modern type than the previous railings that used to separate the lines of each counter. I know that without those railings people wouldn’t be organized with the lines. I hate too much crowd so I like everything in order and in proper line.

Suddenly there’s a newly arrived man who has hurriedly walked to the counter never minding the people waiting in line. I heard that he just want an update on his savings passbook that’s why he didn’t want to fall in line. He didn’t notice that there’s a signage beside the railings which instructs the depositor which line is for what transaction. The sign is too low and the letters are too small to notice anyway so I just let the situation passed by without any remarks. I just feel that he’s not doing it fair to all of us because we’re there beside the railings waiting in line. And just because he didn’t read the signs he can do that? The guards didn’t do anything because they’ve been trained to be nice to clients I think.

Signs are really important and can be used to control crowds especially to those people who don’t seem to care about lines and people waiting for their turn. If only they have the Poster Display Stands at the bank I think the man would think twice before doing anything. These freestanding stands would have guided the people what’s the correct line to follow. Poster display stands are really a lot of help to convey messages, guidelines, and rules and to promote products as well like this poster display stand of deli menu at the left.

Lavi Industries specializes in poster display stands and other products like railing, bar service rails, cosset hardware, sign frames, hotel luggage carts and many others. They provide products and guarantees reliability, durability and steadfastness. For the client’s specific needs they can choose colors, styles, textures and other options where they can also fit their budget.


10 Ways to Waste Time on the Internet

>> Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

1. Open your instant messaging site, join chatrooms and chat endlessly
3. Hop from one blog to another
4. Open your Multiply, Friendster, Facebook, My Space and other social networking sites
5. Browse online shopping stores and make a list of your 'to buy' items until your eyes are tired
5. Open You Tube and open endless videos
6. Visit forums and comment as many as you can
7. Open chikka and text endlessly
8. Watch videos at YouTube
9. Download music and movies
10. Use Twitter the whole day

Even if these things sometimes waste your time it also brings a lot of happiness because you can meet new friends, bond with old friends, learn new things and much much more, remember 'All work and no play makes a dull girl' but oftentimes it's 'All work and no play makes a rich blogger' lol!

Join here


Customized Bulletin Boards

When I was still working in my office I often meet our company’s providers, partners and clients in conference room. Ours was a chic and elegant one but sometimes I think it lack some personal touch. Even if office should be like that I always think that conference rooms should be an enjoyable place to stay as it’s also where the deals are closed and where we usually held meetings with our bosses. Same goes with the hall area and lounge where visitors wait for their turn so it’s good to have Custom Bulletin Board just in case they want to put some signs, notes, memorandum and important announcement and reminders.

Now it’s easy to find this kind of bulletin board as North Sculpture Company is accepting orders of Velcro Fabric and Cork Bulletin Boards which will be customized according to your preferences, style and color. With its comfort and functionality it can be used in schools, offices and working area. It’s not only for display as it can be used also for organizing your stuff so it won’t clutter. It can be a room divider and interior decoration. With its many uses and flexibilities I can say that this customized bulletin board is very versatile and beautiful too! You can visit BulletinBoardpanels.com for more information and ideas.


Curious as a Cat - Week#191

>> Monday, November 2, 2009

Week Number 191

1) What is the one thing you'd most like to change about the world?

I would want to change the way how people prioritize their time for God in their lives. People should devote Sunday as their day for praising and serving God. They should always remember that God has given us seven days and we took the 6 so the 7th day should be for Him to thank Him for all the blessings He bestowed in us on the week that passed.

2) Can you play a musical instrument? What instrument would you like to learn?

I don't play musical instrument though my ancestors are musicians. I want to learn how to play guitar and piano

3) Who was (or is) the scariest teacher you know?

My scariest teacher is my effective speech teacher in College, she's so scary that my friends and me shifted to another department to take up effective speech together with Banking and Finance students, we're all Computer Engineering students. I have a high school friend there so she helped us to get in their class.

Actually our scary teacher is not that intelligent or super bright but she has this attitude of making all students fail in her subject, we can't bear that attitude coz we're maintaining our high grades, we're on the quota course and we must have high grades on all our subjects be it major or minor.

We enjoyed our shift and made friends with our classmates in different course. We even improved ourselves because we had a very bright professor who handled and taught us perfectly but after the semester we were advised by our computer engineering dean not to do it again :-)

4) Show and Tell. What comes to mind first when you see this picture? Or, tell a story if it reminds you of one.

Is that a penquin? I presumed one is making a banner of penquins because there will be a great showcase of them playing or doing tricks :-)

Join here!


Choosing House Appliances After the Storm

After the recent storms that devastated the whole country we were very selective in buying appliances and things needed in the house. Because of the flood that wrecked houses and disabled house items and appliances we now have different guidelines in buying new tables, cabinets and other house accessories. Now we’ve chosen to buy simple appliances and not the traditional bulky and heavy wood appliances that you can never carry during emergency.

For the cabinets the usual trend here in our place is buying durabox, sturdy plastic cabinets that are very light in weight but very dependable when it comes to storing things and clothes. Who would have thought that these plastics would boom as high in the market as now? When I bought one of those plastic cabinets I have to wait for the stock to deliver and had to call the store just to reserve one for me. They’re very in demand nowadays.

But for the entertainment appliances like components and television it’s still good to buy nice plasma mounts for your flat TV or LCD because you can put it in the wall or wherever you want. I think it’s safer in the wall if you must ask me.


Growing Up Fast

I visited some of the blogs that for the last three months I didn’t visit as often as I want due to a very busy schedule and plenty of tasks offline and online. Time flies so fast as when I visited one of my friend’s blog I was surprised at her daughter’s fast growing up. I know her daughter is the same age as my Josh but wow the girl has grown up so fast, I’m really surprised and I find her so cute in her Chinese outfit costume. I remember my daughters’ United Nations Day’s parade when they wear different countries’ costumes. I have to remind myself in the future to visit my friends’ sites so I won’t be surprised by things that happen so fast.


Should Follow Mom's Eating Habits

Since it’s a holiday today I thought it would be nice to cook one of their favorite viand. Sometimes I don’t cook at lunchtime because we were only three in the house and Mom doesn’t usually eat pork. She always wants vegetables and fish. She’s health-conscious that’s why up to now she has a healthy body and mind. At her age of 77 she still carries a very bright and sharp mind. She’s also physically healthy except for her rheumatism which limits her walking and traveling to distant places. Anyway I should be starting now to follow her food preferences and be like her so I’ll grow old healthy. If I eat fatty foods and too much pork I’m sure I’ll have a need for fat burner to get rid of cholesterol. I don’t have time to work out in gym much less enter a diet regimen taking pills so I’d better be watching the kind of food that I eat.


Top Droppers for October 2009

Thanks Comments at dazzlejunction.com

I'd like to extend my appreciation and thanks to all my visitors here especially to my top ten droppers who patiently visits my blog and dropped their ec.

Dropper # of drops
The Modern Mom 29
A Simple Life 28
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moms..... check nyo 28
Mommy's Little Corner 28
Take a coffee break... 28
Yummy-as-can-be 28
The Grill Man 25
Patsy's Words of Wisdom 25


Project No. 1 Finished

My bathroom renovation project is finished except for the wall tiles which I’m going to start after my next project. I’ll have different workers for the walls so I decided to leave it until some weeks or months. My next project would be our fences and I still have to do plans on it before I’ll have it started. We’re planning if we will build a small store in front or just build a fence and reconstruct later.

We’re thinking carefully now and weighing things before pushing on my next project. I’ll rest myself for awhile with the renovation projects that I’m planning to concentrate on the blog that I’m working, I really need to update it so I can let others visit my new site. Anyway I’ll have to check this inquisition about electronic cigarette that my friend read about online. She’s so techie and anything electronic she wants to know about. I’ll have to inform her it is so she’ll stop asking me.


Scary Storms!

>> Sunday, November 1, 2009

It's good that the storm has passed now that we're safe and nothing has happened to us. I'm rather surprised at the news this afternoon and evening that about 20 towns in Laguna were in floods. I immediately checked our hometown and relieved that it's not in the list. We're actually thinking of our relatives there and I'm glad that they're safe just like us here.

News on effects on storm terrifies me more than any Halloween shows and movies. After the wrath of two storms before Santi I believe that disasters are more frightening and scary than horror movies lol! Even if we're not affected I think of other victims, those families that been robbed of their homes by the onslaught of typhoon. I'm glad that it's over now.


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