Controlling and Guiding the Crowd

>> Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I went to my bank yesterday and was surprised at the long lines that accumulated from lunch until afternoon. I came one hour before the closing hours of the bank hoping people are fewer during those hours. I was wrong because the automated teller machine has malfunctioned and those people who want to withdraw cash will have to do it inside the bank over the counter. I’m just lucky that the bank happens to be my mother branch so I can withdraw some cash even without my passbook. I noticed that from the person who is currently having transaction I’m the 10th in line so I really have to wait in long line. Nothing to do but wait I noticed the railings of the bank and it was quite new, a more modern type than the previous railings that used to separate the lines of each counter. I know that without those railings people wouldn’t be organized with the lines. I hate too much crowd so I like everything in order and in proper line.

Suddenly there’s a newly arrived man who has hurriedly walked to the counter never minding the people waiting in line. I heard that he just want an update on his savings passbook that’s why he didn’t want to fall in line. He didn’t notice that there’s a signage beside the railings which instructs the depositor which line is for what transaction. The sign is too low and the letters are too small to notice anyway so I just let the situation passed by without any remarks. I just feel that he’s not doing it fair to all of us because we’re there beside the railings waiting in line. And just because he didn’t read the signs he can do that? The guards didn’t do anything because they’ve been trained to be nice to clients I think.

Signs are really important and can be used to control crowds especially to those people who don’t seem to care about lines and people waiting for their turn. If only they have the Poster Display Stands at the bank I think the man would think twice before doing anything. These freestanding stands would have guided the people what’s the correct line to follow. Poster display stands are really a lot of help to convey messages, guidelines, and rules and to promote products as well like this poster display stand of deli menu at the left.

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