Benefits And Types Of Medical Insurance For Your Horse

>> Tuesday, June 6, 2017

A horse can be a very expensive pet to own. Unlike many other types of insurances, many people forego getting horse insurance because of the extra cost. However, many fail to realize that the true value of having the insurance will far outweigh the cost. Insuring a horse compared to other types of pets is tricky. The type of insurance can vary greatly depending on the value of the horse. Owners of horses are able to weigh the worth of their horses by checking its sale price and records. Below are some of the main benefits to getting insurance for your horse.

Benefits Of Insurance

There are many benefits to getting horse medical insurance such as that which is offered through reputable companies such as You can get total coverage on things such as losing your horse to theft or it straying away. Also, you can be covered in the unfortunate event that your horse dies of an illness or gets injured and dies as a result of those injuries. Other benefits include things like coverage of tack and saddlery, vet fees, disposal and personal accident coverage.

Mortality Insurance

This type of horse insurance covers the loss of the horse. The policy will protect the owner or the lessor in the event there is an accident, injury, illness or disease that results in the horse dying. Many mortality insurance policies will also offer coverage in the event that the horse is stolen.

Peril Policy Insurance

One type of horse insurance coverage to get is peril policy coverage. There are many uncertain perils that can occur to kill or seriously injure your horse. Things like fire, lightning and transport accidents can occur without warning. This is typical of a life insurance policy and each type of death related cause will be listed in the policy.

Loss-Of-Use Policy

This type of policy is in direct accordance to many mortality insurance policies. However, there are some distinct variations to it. This policy works by paying for the decreased worth of the horse after sustaining injuries or from illness which directly affects the performance of the horse as set by the standards listed in the policy when purchased. Any horse owner who signs up for this type of policy will need to contact the insurance company right away if their horse gets injured or contracts a disease or illness.

No one likes to think about their pets dying. However, for an expensive pet such as a horse, it is in the best interest of the owner to have insurance coverage. Anything can happen to your horse unexpectedly and being prepared for vet costs or other expenses will be in your best interest.


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