Working Hard for that Beautiful Smile

>> Monday, September 29, 2014

A beautiful smile creates a happy environment and every people would be delighted to meet a person with this kind of smile. But what really makes it? Well it takes great care and proper treatment to achieve a healthy and beautiful set of teeth as well which prompts the beautiful smile I’m talking to. That’s just for our personal care but for general upkeep and maintenance we should look for a good dentist like Powell Family Dentist  to provide compassionate care and overall dental services to ensure a good maintenance of our oral health. 

This is very possible with Bright Smile Dental who can make your dream of having beautiful smile come true with their competitive services delivered to their patients. They can help you improve your oral health with such services like orthodontics, veneers, implants, crowns, whitening, smile rejuvenation, braces and invisalign. They treat their patients like their family thus giving the best services with care and concern. Giving extra consideration to their patient’s lifestyle and personal history is one of their goals. 

With this objective they plan their approach in treating them with advanced procedures, utmost skill and delivering it all with the state of the art equipment bringing about all we need for a great oral health and quality dental services. Getting the right cosmetic dentist will make a lot of difference to your life and like me we can always dream of flashing that beautiful smile with our good looking teeth. 

My kids are lucky to have not just healthy and even teeth but beautiful as well. I always tell them that they should take good care and maintain their oral health religiously because it would define the condition of their teeth when they grow old. All of them have permanent teeth now except for the wisdom tooth so I regularly monitor their daily habit of cleaning teeth for a good practice of oral health. In time if they have need for special dental services I would definitely get a family dentist that will take care of their oral health with meticulous care and treatment.


Business and Music

>> Thursday, September 18, 2014

We’ve been thinking of a good business to start next year as my sister and I are looking through some possibilities of making it good in some kind of retail business. It’s actually my plan five years ago when I resigned from my 16-year old job but I found myself so engrossed in online writing that it was put aside. Paid blogging was at its peak then and starting a business of my own may not be a good idea since I’m busy with my writing career. 

Anyway since we’re really thinking of adding up a new source of income to our current office salaries we’re considering of putting up a general merchandise shop that would have three kinds of semi-stores such as meat shop, school and office supplies and electronics/computer supplies. Well it’s a kind of shop that will serve as an outlet for the things that we often need in school and home without going too far from your home. 

It’s still in the planning stage for now and since my kids are so fond of musical instruments the idea of adding a music store might be a good one. Of course it will have our favorite string instruments like the Jay Turser Guitars I found online, violin, keyboards, drum sets and other musical instruments commonly used by hobbyists and enthusiasts. I know that music awareness can really be of great help to prevent children and teenagers from engaging in various vices. It will be an added skill as well.


Working in Projects

>> Wednesday, September 17, 2014

We’re approaching the last phases of our work in our project but I still can’t project if we can finish the project by the end of this year. We’ve requested for a realignment and extension until next month but it’s still in process so we really can’t tell how long we’ll be employed for the said project. I’m actually concerned with the CAD operators because for extension project nearing the end of contracts they usually minimize the number of staff and operate on a skeletal force. 

With the progress we’re having the first group to finish will be the design plans group and as early as now some of them were given a month extension only. Oh well after the end of this one I’ll start another one again which if plans pushed through will be a longer term design and construction project. Even if there’s an opening in the head office I still prefer to be in the project as I feel more comfortable and I learn a lot. 

Sixteen years in the head office is just enough for me, I want to enjoy my work life now in the project with more work but with less stress. I don’t want to grow old early with anxiety and work-related problems like my friend whose now wearing hair wigs to cover up receding and grey hairs brought about by being workaholic and too much stress.


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