Effects of Drinking While at Work and Driving

>> Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I’ve always observed traffic and road rules since I’m old enough to be aware of that. I don’t like breaking the rules because I feel that doing it can affect others. It always feels good when you’re on the right track always. I’m not the perfect citizen but I try to be a good one. I carried the same principle in my work practicing the same following office procedures and rules and being honest all the times. That’s why I believe in observing rules like avoiding playing on office hours, implementing strict confidentiality on personal documents of my employers and many other things. In my 19 years of working in corporate employment the only thing that I’m not that good is my punctuality due to excessive traffic jam in our place.

When I think of all these things I can associate that being drunk on office hours is like driving while intoxicated also so it’s easy to understand how hard the case is. When you’re working and you’re drunk you can get an accident in work or your work will not be done perfectly. Just like when you’re on the road, if you drink before or while you’re driving it could lead to road accidents that can harm not only you but other people as well. This is a serious crime for me as the driver is putting many lives at risk. In Texas this offense is meted with stiff penalty like $2000 fines, up to 1 year stay in jail, community service and many others. Well if you didn’t do such crime and you’re only accused falsely you can get help from Houston DWI lawyers which provides legal help services to those charged of Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) case. With their expertise and professional experience in defense lawsuit they can get you out of jail and you can get fair justice.


Simply Beautiful

>> Saturday, November 27, 2010

Someone commented that Mom has a beautiful skin even at her golden age. Well I should say that it’s all a natural trait of Mom since she’s not having her skin treated with any products since childhood. She preferred to be simple and when she was younger and working as a school teacher she only uses face moisturizers in the morning to protect it from the harsh effect of sun and nothing more. She only put on her mild face powder and uses no makeup at all. When she retired and became so much older her skin still looks beautiful than other women her age. Now she’s commenting that I’m even simpler than her and I told her that I also want to look as simple and as beautiful when I reached her age.


Hair Care

When I attended our high school silver anniversary reunion I noticed that the boys have aged more than the girls and half of them showed signs of thinning hair in the front. Maybe that’s the reason why they looked older than the girls. Women tend to be vain in their looks and I know they care most for their skin and hair. I don’t see any girl classmate with hair problems, maybe those with thin hair problems are using shampoo for thinning hair for women. It’s really a wonderful thing for me because I also have thin hair and who knows I will need it in the future. As of now I only have one or two grey hairs unlike women my age and I’m thankful that with that I don’t need to color my hair, not yet!


Emergency Cash Loan

My cousin asked me for help on how she can get emergency cash from a lending company. I told her that since I’m working at home I have no contacts on any lending firm. She’s really in need of fast cash and I’m thinking now if I should recommend this online no fax payday loans to her because it requires no documents, no fax and no long processing time. It’s quick and easy and she’ll get it the next day after the approval. I’ll have her check and visit the site now.


Natural Skin Care

With all the beauty and treatment products in the market now people should know what to find in a product to choose the best one for their needs. I preferred the all-natural products for acne, wrinkles and other skin problems. My girls are growing up so fast that I’m preparing myself for guiding them when they reach adolescence period when they will be worrying about the sudden changes in their face and body. Well I will have them take natural acne treatment if ever they will have problems with acne or pimples. Their skin will be harmed if I choose strong products.


Careful Planning on Investment

I’ve talked to my former office mate and he asked if I’m going to pursue my meat product business. Before I finally quit my job last year I really have plans for it all. Due to my online works and busy schedule it was not put into action and didn’t materialize. I weighed all things up and I gave up on my plan of starting a small business because of time schedule conflicts. Then I just thought of investing money on something tangible so I don’t have to spend time on it. My friend told me to save enough investment money and buy gold. Well that’s a good idea but investment should be carefully planned and discussed before you really enter it. Maybe I’ll give some time for it and come up with a good decision.


:Friday Fill-Ins #201

>> Friday, November 26, 2010


So...here we go!

1. Three things I must have on my Thanksgiving table: It's not thanksgiving here but I think for those celebrating their thanksgiving they will have turkey!

2. Tired, sleepy kids  sacked out on the couch watching television.

3. This is what I want in life - simple, happy, peaceful and closer to God

4. My cousin's daughter just had a house renovation and she wants to decorate it now so they can moved in on Sunday

5. Oh, man, thankfully it's going to be December next month and we can have camp meeting fellowship again.

6. I want to perfect the art of writing and cooking and I want to study again.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to an early evening rest, tomorrow my plans include finishing up all due tasks and Sunday, I want to concentrate on our Sunday service!


Security and Safety for Our Dear Seniors

We all want our old folks at home to be safe always but we could never be there for them at all times. When I was still in corporate employment I always call and check my Mom especially when she’s sick. My kids were at school in the morning until afternoon so she’s alone by herself during those times. Often I would take a leave from my work to watch over her because we’re worried that she might slip or fall and no one will see and assist her. I know many will relate to my story because many families have at least 1 or two seniors in the house. I used to hear that there are medical alerts that we can install in the house to ensure safety of my Mom when she’s alone. I just want her to feel she has something to turn to when she feels she needs help when I’m out of the house.

I’m glad that they’ve discovered the safety features of  medical alert because it doesn’t only give first aid help to seniors but peace of mind to their families who can’t be there for their old folks at all times. Plus they’re easy to install and user-friendly too which is very important to the seniors who doesn’t want to maintain hard-to-use gadgets. My Mom is one of those who find it hard to operate high tech gadgets. Although she’s a bright old school teacher and Mom she’s not a techy person so its best if the gadget or equipment used for  medi alert would be easy to use and no maintenance requirement.

For those who are thinking if this senior medical alarm is more costly than having their seniors be monitored by nursing homes or to move in to relatives if you’re away, well the answer is no. The senior wouldn’t want to live with other families other than their own and they feel much better and safer in their homes reminiscing memories of their small children who grew up in the same home.


Food Concession Trailers

>> Thursday, November 25, 2010

My home church is located in the same building where food franchise businesses are offered. The company offers variety of small franchises each with designated booths with logo and attractive design of the food offered for selling like hotdogs, burgers, tacos, fried noodles, waffles and many others. I always get to see twice in a week the pretty trailers on display at the ground floor of the building and dreamed of owning one. It’s actually affordable but I’m looking for a place to set up that kind of business.

Since DH is studying we want to have a small business where he can attend to after his classes. I don’t want him to take a part-time job so we’re planning to buy custom trailer for the food we want to sell. I really wanted to start up a small business with one of those food booths just like the concession trailers I saw online when I’m surfing for business ideas. Custom Concessions is the most reputable manufacturer in the industry of concessions trailers. They built customized trailer that fits your specifications and assists their clients with repair service, customer and technical support after the sale. No need to worry about the warranty as they give a three year warranty on every trailer they sell.


Giving Me Enough Blessing

I’m happy with all the blessing that I’m receiving since I quit my job and concentrate on doing online works only. My present work has given me enough income to support my family’s needs. I even coerced DH into resigning from his job because it’s giving him too much hard work and his health has suffered from it. Now he’s studying for a degree course and the last semester proved that he’s bright enough to compete with younger students. I’m just amazed at how some neighbours would ask me for a cash advance not knowing if I’m earning or not. They’re just seeing me every day with my simple clothes and I’m surprised that they assumed I have money to lend them. Are they not wondering what my job is? I didn’t announce my type of job in my community and that’s for the record, well of course only to my closest relatives and friends lol!


Carpet Cleaning Job

>> Tuesday, November 23, 2010

CarI’ve always love having carpeted floors but it takes so much effort just to maintain cleanliness of carpets in the house and office especially if the place is a large area. For the everyday dust using vacuum cleaner is good enough but when it comes to dirt it’s not that effective. Carpets should be cleaned thoroughly if it has heavy dirt. Sometimes carpet undergone water damages like the one we had in my former office building. The water tank at the fifth floor overflowed and it affected the next floor to it where a call center is in operation. The carpets were soaked and cables were affected too. 

The utility man who made an error with the water tank tried so hard to restore the carpet to its original condition and I’m thinking now that it should be cleaned by an expert like carpet cleaning Portland who will be able to restore damaged carpet. They have certified team who will clean and restore it with expertise and fast operation. They’re the expert in their field and for several years they’ve been doing this kind of cleaning and repairing work that extends to restretching carpet, upholstery, oriental rugs, tiles and others.


Cyber Monday

>> Saturday, November 20, 2010

My twitter dashboard keeps on making tweet notices the other day because one store in US keeps on posting discounted items. I had to see it myself and was amazed that prices could be that low. Even my dream windows phone was offered 25% off but for two days only and it ended on the 18th. I could very well imagine if Cyber Monday would come and everybody will be waiting for the discounted sale of their favorite gadgets and appliances. It’s not every day that stores would offer low prices and deals so I’m sure many would just wait for the big day.


Life Begins at 40

Life begins at 40 they say and women should enjoy life when they reached that age. For me office employment should end at 40 years of age in order to enjoy not just life but quality time with your family especially your kids. As my experience taught me my job takes so much time away from my family so when the time comes that I’m confident I can earn online by writing I immediately resigned from my job. 

It took me months of praying and planning; praying for the signs that God will give me and planning my future financial setup so I can adjust to a life out of corporate work. Having a stable job for 16 continuous years gave me reasons not to leave my work just for some petty reasons. I never quit on working until I decided that when I reached forty I will leave employment and put up a business or when I saved some more I could also buy gold bullion to ensure that what I’m buying will give me an assurance that it will yield profits in the coming years. Oh well I’ve known gold as one of the most precious metals and it’s appreciating its value yearly so I might as well be a good investor.


Choosing the Best Web Hosting

I started blogging three years ago with the thought of sharing my ideas, thoughts, inspirations and the life itself. I didn’t know anything about blogging until my friend encouraged me to start my own. She was my mentor and everything that she learns she shares to me. I was very thankful that she taught me the basic of blogging and helps me continue my dream of writing. I started with free hosted blogs and was happy about it until I learned that owning my own domain is much better. Now choosing the best web hosting for your blog can be a hard task if you’re new to it so I asked the opinion of my friends and search for tips and guides on how I’m going to choose the best for me.

I was glad that there are web hosting reviews I was able to read that helped me in choosing the right company to host my site. Just like these days that in-depth reviews of Webhostingfan of the best web hosting providers can be a real guide for those bloggers and site owners like me who need the right guide in deciding which one is the best to get. In choosing utmost planning and comparison should be done to ensure that you’ve chosen the best webhosting company. There are things to be considered in choosing like features, capabilities, uptime and downtime, reliability, customer service, technical support, bandwidth and affordability. These things are the main factors you need to know about the web host you’re going to get.

Well I’ve read about web hosting hub and it was reviewed as a good option because it includes all the features you’ll need for your blog or for your small online business. It’s also user-friendly so you’ll have no worries in transferring your blog. It feels good to have your own domain and your own webhost to support and guide you on whatever trouble you’ll be encountering along the way.


Buy.Com EHD Deals

>> Thursday, November 18, 2010

I’ve been saving for an external hard drive and I just canvassed prices last Tuesday when we dined at the restaurant near the mall. I really need one to backup my files and important documents but I need to prioritize some other needs so I didn’t buy the EHD I found. Now that I’m surfing through some great discounts I came across buy.com weekly deals and run across Lacie 500 GB EHD at discounted price of $72.99 from the original price of $94.99. Well this is quite a competitive price for me and I’m just waiting for my money to arrive and I’ll think over it.


Employees’ Rights and Claims

Employees should know their rights and benefits when they’re working in a company. Some people don’t know that a company should provide good working facilities, potable water and a safe working place for their workers. Maybe those people who incurred Mesothelioma cancer in their work didn’t know the hazard of working in industries that uses asbestos. It’s sad to know that before they knew it they’re already positive for cancer. Anyway it’s not the end of the world for them as Houston asbestos lawyer of Heard Robins Cloud & Black helps those victims and assist them in fighting for their rights and claims. There’s still hope for those victims at least to seek fair trial and justice for their employer’s irresponsibility in informing them of work hazards.


James Hardie Siding

>> Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Having an engineer brother makes me updated with the current trend in design and construction of residential houses and commercial buildings. He always enlightens us with the new design approach he does to his current projects. He wants to be updated with all the latest designs and technology in his construction projects because he wants the best for all his clients. His finished projects serve as models for his incoming projects because when people see them they would always ask for the engineer.

In his quest for latest innovations in designs and construction he search online for things that will contribute to his projects and I told him about James Hardie ColorPlus collection of pre-finished siding products by Blue Ridge Exteriors which has a mar-resistant surface. It resists peeling, cracking, chipping and at the same very stylish in 20 designer colors. If you’re looking for the combined quality, strength and beauty you’ll be glad to know that this one will be the perfect choice for your house. It can also be as durable as it can protect your homes in all types of climate. Rest assured if you choose their products you’ll be given 30-year non-prorated transferable limited product warranty and a 15-year finish warranty.


Fashionable Medical Scrubs

>> Monday, November 15, 2010

I’ve always admire how the nurses and doctors seem to manage being immaculately clean all day long even after numerous caring for the patients. I’ve never seen an untidy nurse before me and they always look so neat and dirt-free in spite of doing jobs that could mess their uniforms. Maybe they were trained to care for their patients as well as maintaining their immaculate look. 

I have a niece who is currently an intern and she was looking for cheap scrub that will make her look fashionable. Of course she also likes her uniforms to be of good quality but for now she didn’t want to spend big amount just for the uniform because they still have to pay for their last tuition fees before graduation. I was happy that this is her last semester and after completing her hospital intern she’ll be reviewing for nurse examination.

Anyway we found stylish and quality nursing scrubs which is affordable and will fit into my niece budget. We’ve been looking at Blue Sky Scrubs’ various collections of nursing uniforms, medical scrubs, scrub hats, medical coats and others. They make health care professional and staff look fashionable and chic with their line of uniforms in beautiful colors such as ceil blue, green, pink chocolate, lilac, navy blue and more. They’ve helped the medical world get that fashionable defined look. Just look at this pretty Poppy collection of scrub hats. 


Easy Cash Advance

In our search for ways to make ends meet before our payday money we sometimes look for people or agency to request cash advance but it’s hard if they ask for many documents before we can have our  cash advance loans. Now you don’t have to worry about long processing and required documents as with the help of CashLoanbyPhone you can have your check cash advance in fast and easy approval. No fax required and you’re assured of secured and complete confidentiality.


Sudden Change

>> Friday, November 12, 2010

I was surprised to see an old colleague walking at the mall when I visited the store to look for bags. He’s my officemate in my previous work in consultancy firm and we’ve never seen each other for long. The last time I saw him he was overweight and really needed some workout to convert his fat to muscle. Now he’s so lean and fit and I wonder if he has taken leucine or have enrolled in gym workout routine. The change was very noticeable and he looked younger than when I last saw him 6 years ago. Being slim and fit can really do a lot of things to make you look younger and healthy and I’m very happy that now he feels very confident about himself.


Ways to Get Slimmer

Many friends I often talked to when I’m in school are asking what are the best diet pills that will make them slimmer and lighter. I told them that even if they’ll know where to buy those diet pills it’s not safe to just buy them and forget about doctor’s consultation. Any medicine except for the basic ones need to be approved by doctor before taking it as it might not be good for health reasons. It will help much if dieters would also take time out to exercise and be fit.


Coffee Tables

I love having coffee when I’m working because it helps me to relax and think a lot. Well in this online work we have we really should know how we can make our brains and creativity work. We should be inspired for ideas to come flowing in. So I’m thinking of having contemporary coffee tables which I can use in my mini-office so I can have a nook when I want to have a hot coffee. Well it will not be used for coffee breaks only because it can be some sort of table too. I just wish that I’ll be able to find some good deals when I buy one.


Future Investment Plans

>> Thursday, November 4, 2010

A former office friend asked me once where I should invest my money after resigning from my 16-year old employment. I actually told her that I’m going to put up a meat products shop after the feasibility studies I’m making then. I believe in careful planning especially if high finances are at stake. Now we didn’t pursue that meat shop but it’s still in our future plans. We’re thinking now of a stable investment that would not take too much of our time like buying gold bullion and letting them be stored safely in the bank until it reached higher value. For work-at-home Mom like me who has plenty of errands always we can’t afford to devote our time in waiting for the customers to buy from us so it’s not really possible these days.


Gen’s Simple Things

Gen loves to go home during lunch break because she loves eating my freshly-cooked meals and she can just bring few school books and notebooks in the morning. At first we were hesitant as it might rob her of leisure break from her class but she insisted. Now I got used to her and look forward to wait for her so we can have lunch together. DH also goes home whenever one instructor failed to arrive at the university. 

I just told DD Gen to have some protection on her head whenever she goes home to avoid sun’s heat at noon. I was planning to Buy Hats for her as she didn’t want to use her other hats for fear of teasing from her classmates. Some of the hats she has are those we use for our camp meetings and photo sessions. She told me that she wants simpler styles and make so she’ll be unnoticed by some of her classmates. She’s always like that simple and yet choosy, shy but very competitive and doesn’t want too much attention.


Top Droppers for October

>> Wednesday, November 3, 2010

This is my way of giving back my thanks and appreciation for the efforts you've done to drop by and visit my blog. I've been quite so busy these past few weeks that I haven't had the time to drop by your site and return the visit. Hope to see you around this month.

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Opportunities after Corporate Employment

>> Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I’ve experienced working in various corporate offices for nearly two decades where I had different kinds of job. In all my jobs I learned lots of things which made me stronger, skilled, knowledgeable and more matured in my decisions and work approach. I also learned that it can’t give me the assurance of better life even if I spent more than 8 hours of work. I’ve dedicated my energy and knowledge on all of the jobs I had but it never gave me financial freedom to support my family’s needs beyond the basic essentials. After spending 16 years in my past employment I realized that working in office employment on the supervisory positions will not help me fulfil my dreams for my kids.

I thanked God for giving me stable job for several years and for helping me to decide whether to stay or quit. He guided me into learning ways on how I can be at my family’s beck and call while earning money for their needs. It’s such a blessing to work at home. Now I’m saving some of my earnings to plan for future investment on gold bar, some other precious metals, maybe house and lot, a small business and many other stable investment for financial backup when my work is not that at its peak. I want to invest on bankable kinds or the one which will give a sure high profit return on my capital. It’s still early for me but I’m going to need some information about it.


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