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>> Thursday, November 25, 2010

My home church is located in the same building where food franchise businesses are offered. The company offers variety of small franchises each with designated booths with logo and attractive design of the food offered for selling like hotdogs, burgers, tacos, fried noodles, waffles and many others. I always get to see twice in a week the pretty trailers on display at the ground floor of the building and dreamed of owning one. It’s actually affordable but I’m looking for a place to set up that kind of business.

Since DH is studying we want to have a small business where he can attend to after his classes. I don’t want him to take a part-time job so we’re planning to buy custom trailer for the food we want to sell. I really wanted to start up a small business with one of those food booths just like the concession trailers I saw online when I’m surfing for business ideas. Custom Concessions is the most reputable manufacturer in the industry of concessions trailers. They built customized trailer that fits your specifications and assists their clients with repair service, customer and technical support after the sale. No need to worry about the warranty as they give a three year warranty on every trailer they sell.


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