Security and Safety for Our Dear Seniors

>> Friday, November 26, 2010

We all want our old folks at home to be safe always but we could never be there for them at all times. When I was still in corporate employment I always call and check my Mom especially when she’s sick. My kids were at school in the morning until afternoon so she’s alone by herself during those times. Often I would take a leave from my work to watch over her because we’re worried that she might slip or fall and no one will see and assist her. I know many will relate to my story because many families have at least 1 or two seniors in the house. I used to hear that there are medical alerts that we can install in the house to ensure safety of my Mom when she’s alone. I just want her to feel she has something to turn to when she feels she needs help when I’m out of the house.

I’m glad that they’ve discovered the safety features of  medical alert because it doesn’t only give first aid help to seniors but peace of mind to their families who can’t be there for their old folks at all times. Plus they’re easy to install and user-friendly too which is very important to the seniors who doesn’t want to maintain hard-to-use gadgets. My Mom is one of those who find it hard to operate high tech gadgets. Although she’s a bright old school teacher and Mom she’s not a techy person so its best if the gadget or equipment used for  medi alert would be easy to use and no maintenance requirement.

For those who are thinking if this senior medical alarm is more costly than having their seniors be monitored by nursing homes or to move in to relatives if you’re away, well the answer is no. The senior wouldn’t want to live with other families other than their own and they feel much better and safer in their homes reminiscing memories of their small children who grew up in the same home.


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